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  • Old Hotel Trail off the Appalachian Trail

    Old Hotel Trail off the Appalachian Trail

    It’s nestled in the 7500 plus acres of the Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area and the even larger George Washington & Thomas Jefferson National Forest (about 1.8 MILLION square miles.) It is part of the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge Mountains and has miles and miles of trails. So yesterday, I headed to Mount Pleasant trailhead […]

  • Buttermilk Trail – Richmond VA

    Buttermilk Trail – Richmond VA

    Last week, I was in Richmond so I took advantage of some of the city’s urban trails. Richmond has some pretty good trails … my personal favorite is Belle Isle. But I headed Southside of the James River and decided to do the Buttermilk Trail/Belle Isle/James River North Bank loop – about a 6+ mile […]

  • Spy Rock Hike

    Spy Rock Hike

    This time little hike , a .17 mile in-n-back trail, is nestled in the Washington and Jefferson National Forest. But to get there, it’s quite a trek. The Rocky outcropping, gives a 360 degree view and allows the hiker a view of crests from the Religious Range: the Priest, the Fryer, Little Fryer … and […]

  • DAY SIX – Road Trip ‘21

    DAY SIX – Road Trip ‘21

    DAY SIX – the end of myself … It was deceptive – getting me hooked and then pulling all sense of hope out from under me. It was dangerous – 30 inch cliff trails, loose rock, and not a small fall to my doom. It was death – pushing me beyond what I thought I […]

  • History, Nature, Pleasant Trails … and Spiders

    Appomattox Court House National Park. 1700 acres. 8 trails. Lots of history. Lots of nature. And lots of spider webs. Monday, I finished hiking every trail at the ACH Park. Not a huge deal, but pretty cool to say I’ve done it. There are 8 trails and probably about 14 or more miles. I had […]

  • What’s First: Good News or Bad News

    The views were spectacular. The weather was perfect. The waterfall was full and flowing. But there was a twist. This hike was not normal when comparing to most my hikes in the Blue Ridge/Skyline. This one started at the top and worked down, and then the ascent was on the back half of the hike. […]