What’s First: Good News or Bad News

Short hike, very peaceful, only one other person seen … a trail biker

The views were spectacular. The weather was perfect. The waterfall was full and flowing. But there was a twist. This hike was not normal when comparing to most my hikes in the Blue Ridge/Skyline. This one started at the top and worked down, and then the ascent was on the back half of the hike. And since Apple Orchard Mountain is the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it was pretty steep down, and then up.

Here’s the kicker, it seemed the hardest part of the hike was the return portion. What started smoothly and down hill (tough on knees, but not too much exertion, was quite a hike on the backside.

Looking west from Apple Orchard Mountain

In a way, this is a lesson for life. Think marriage … starts happy, love sick puppies that get lost staring into each other’s eyes. Have that honeymoon that will create memories for a lifetime. Then, bam. Honeymoon. Is. Over. And the work begins.

New job (like mine) … everybody gets along, great time getting to build relationships … and, bam. Honeymoon. Is. Over. Now the heavy lifting and work begins.

It was called Apple Orchard Falls, do you see the apple at the foot of the Falls? Weird.

This may be an oversimplification, but you get what I mean.

So look at some lessons to learn …

  • During the easy part, pay attention so you can be best prepared during the hard part
  • Take time to stop and take it all in … and realize hard parts can be navigated when you realize the beauty and great points (scenic views, wonderful waterfall, nature)
  • Share the journey … now Lisa wouldn’t do the hike, but she demands the photos
  • During the hard part, realize it’s doable … many have before you. So maybe even glean from their experience … and then you in turn can help others who will pass that way after you (older couples mentor younger couples, seasoned pastors walk together with younger pastors)
  • Take time to relax along the way. God created a sabbath … because we need it.

Here’s the good news … easy part at start. Here’s the bad news … you’ve got to hike the hard part at the end. Which do you want to hear first?





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