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$218,000 for a Pair of Worn Shoes

I’ve got some boots that ran pretty high – not too high – but relatively speaking. I mean good hiking boots are not cheap – just to keep feet dry, warm, and cozy. I’ve had some Tony Lama western boots that were considered exotic skin. And I’ve seen some really expensive shoes.

But for a dirty, worn out, 40 year old pair of Birkenstocks? I mean, these weren’t worn by George Washington, didn’t don the feet of Cleopatra, weren’t found in a 100,000 year old cave with Neanderthal remains, weren’t worn by Paul on his missionary journeys. These are from the later part of the last century, you can still get new ones at a retail store or online.

So what makes these sandals of any value? It is because of to whom they belonged.

These shoes were property of the late Steve Jobs of Apple creation fame. He wore them in the garage as he created the first Macintosh. They actually had been thrown away by the original owner (Jobs) but collected by his house manager, Mark Sheff, from the trash bin.

These shoes had traveled the world – after they were thrown away – museum in Germany, Birkenstock’s stores in Italy, New York and more.

Okay. I am an Apple fan – I’ve invested in many an Apple product – I type this on my MacBook Air M1 – I see at least 4 Apple products within arms’ length. But $200,000 for a pair of shoes. Oops – $218,750. all done through prestigious Julien’s Auction house in LA.

Even if I had money to burn – that’s a lot of cash.

But you know, I started to think about me and you and every person. We are worn out, messed up, muddy at times, and probably thought of as disposable by ourselves and others – but we are of immense value to God. So much value that He paid an even bigger price for us. he paid His only Son – Jesus. For those who believe – we now are priceless and we now belong to Him.

And my value – and your value – is not because of who I am but because of whose I am. It is not because of what I’ve done – but because of what He has done. We are like masterpieces that have been bought and paid for.

See the original article here.

She was so Excited to be on the Trails

Don’t tell my wife, but I was looking at the cutest babe yesterday. I went hiking and hit the Otter Creek Trail area on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It wasn’t a long hike, but any time on the mountains is worth the trip. It wasn’t too crowded having only a scattering of fellowship nature lovers hiking, fishing, or just splashing in the river.

It was a beautiful day. Moderate temperature. Scattered clouds. Some flowering of plants. The trail was dry … mostly. But mud makes the hike a bit better to me. The small dam was overflowing and the sound water pouring out into the pool created a soothing rhythm. It was a great time.

Near the end of the trek, I came across this exuberant young lady that was just enjoying the trail more than most. She would run and skip and laugh and frolic. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good frolic. Her hair was bouncing and blowing in the wind. Her shorts were a bit shorter than I expected, showing legs all the way to her sockless feet in the colorful Crocs.

And it was her Crocs that kept catching my attention. You see, she would run and frolic (I think I’ll make that my word of the day), but about every ten feet, her shoe would come off. She occasionally didn’t even stop the frolic. But then she would notice and stop. She would try to get her foot back in and then continue her frolicking. She often needed assistance, so her dad would bend down and help her put her foot back on those precious feet. Yes, I said dad. For this young maiden was barely past her second birthday, if that.

As I ponder the wonder and the fun this young lady experienced, I am reminded of two great truths. The first is how we are to enjoy God, and enjoy Him forever. The truth of our blessedness and our forgiveness and His grace upon us – should make us run, jump, skip, and yes, frolic.

God is the most glorified in us when we are the most satisfied in Him.

The second truth I ponder is from Ephesians 6. We are admonished to put on the whole armor of God … including proper shoes … shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace. And yet, we often forget that. We get busy with life, work, family, and misplaced frolicking. We need to get back to the reality of the gospel of peace. We need to remember who we are, whose we are, and thus be prepared to share that glorious truth of God’s grace.

And we forget this, we often need the Father’s help to getting those shoes back on.

So, today … if you’ve lost your peace, struggling with anxiety, striving to handle all of this on your own … get back and remember the gospel of peace.

And then – get back into the real joy of life, found in Him and His grace.

And for the record, my wife was on the trail with me and she too enjoyed watching this young cutee frolic. And for most the trail, my eyes were always on the most beautiful woman to me … she’s perfect (and she came home with me – wohoo.) I love my wife!