$218,000 for a Pair of Worn Shoes

I’ve got some boots that ran pretty high – not too high – but relatively speaking. I mean good hiking boots are not cheap – just to keep feet dry, warm, and cozy. I’ve had some Tony Lama western boots that were considered exotic skin. And I’ve seen some really expensive shoes.

But for a dirty, worn out, 40 year old pair of Birkenstocks? I mean, these weren’t worn by George Washington, didn’t don the feet of Cleopatra, weren’t found in a 100,000 year old cave with Neanderthal remains, weren’t worn by Paul on his missionary journeys. These are from the later part of the last century, you can still get new ones at a retail store or online.

So what makes these sandals of any value? It is because of to whom they belonged.

These shoes were property of the late Steve Jobs of Apple creation fame. He wore them in the garage as he created the first Macintosh. They actually had been thrown away by the original owner (Jobs) but collected by his house manager, Mark Sheff, from the trash bin.

These shoes had traveled the world – after they were thrown away – museum in Germany, Birkenstock’s stores in Italy, New York and more.

Okay. I am an Apple fan – I’ve invested in many an Apple product – I type this on my MacBook Air M1 – I see at least 4 Apple products within arms’ length. But $200,000 for a pair of shoes. Oops – $218,750. all done through prestigious Julien’s Auction house in LA.

Even if I had money to burn – that’s a lot of cash.

But you know, I started to think about me and you and every person. We are worn out, messed up, muddy at times, and probably thought of as disposable by ourselves and others – but we are of immense value to God. So much value that He paid an even bigger price for us. he paid His only Son – Jesus. For those who believe – we now are priceless and we now belong to Him.

And my value – and your value – is not because of who I am but because of whose I am. It is not because of what I’ve done – but because of what He has done. We are like masterpieces that have been bought and paid for.

See the original article here.





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