The NBA & the Star Spangled Banner

It’s on. It’s off. Mark Cuban was brilliant. Mark Cuban is an anti-American communist. People get in trouble for kneeling. Others get blowback for standing. Do we? Do we not? Politics is a fickle beast. This issue isn’t as cut and dry as many think. In an interview, Cuban implied it was less a rebellion... Continue Reading →

100K with 43 for WW

Today is Veterans Day. And I personally think we don’t do enough to honor those who’ve served our country. So I want to share two stories. First. A Bike ride with President George W Bush. To be clear, I misunderstood this. I initially read about the 100K trail bike event over three days. I pondered... Continue Reading →

Overtime … Ain’t It Grand

The game was exciting. Solid defense. Explosive offense. Both teams were battling out and when time expired, the score was tied. They took it into overtime ... the big OT. And as the cameras scanned the crowd, no one had gotten up and headed to the cars. They were staying there. They were excited. They... Continue Reading →

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