100K with 43 for WW

Today is Veterans Day. And I personally think we don’t do enough to honor those who’ve served our country. So I want to share two stories.

First. A Bike ride with President George W Bush. To be clear, I misunderstood this. I initially read about the 100K trail bike event over three days. I pondered how could they do 100,000 miles in three days … intense. But it is here that my American shortcomings show its ugly face. It’s 100 kilometers. Ah, (head slap). 60 or so miles. That’s doable.

But this is still so cool. For three days, ‘W’ opens his ranch, brings in wounded warriors and their spouses. Rides with them. And raises funds for wounded warriors.

May we as a country do better with our vets, their wives, and with our active military. This is not a red issue – not a blue issue. It is a red, white, and blue issue.

We believe in the vast courage and resilience of our veterans. The Warrior 100K underscores the importance of sports as a rehabilitation component for our men and women injured on the front lines.

This quote is their philosophy of why ‘W’ and the Bush Center sponsor the 100K ride. Go here for more info.

Second. We honored our vets Sunday morning (and the widows of our vets). And we got to do a short interview of our oldest veteran. After realizing he really didn’t serve under Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, though I did joke he was old enough, he shared some thoughts on his service and especially his basic training.

He revealed about how he felt so alone at first. But as he spent time with other recruits, going through trials and training together, his time in the service got better. He realized he was not alone. He also emphasized how wonderful it was to get letters and care packages from home. Just another reminder of the support and love he had from friends and family.

He also shared of how the Army made a man out of him, and gave him great lessons that applies to our life in the church … how we need each other … and how in the Army they taught how to take a life (a sad but unavoidable part of warfare) but the church teaches how to save a life. He said every one should serve our country in their lifetime.

I appreciate his words, his wit, and his wisdom that he shared with us. Thank you.

So today, be intentional to say thank you to a vet. And say a prayer for those who were wounded (emotional and physical) that they may experience the peace and healing form our Lord.





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