It’s a Political Battle, Still Waging

September 17th. There was a problem. People were arguing about their voice being heard. Weaknesses in the laws yielded political unrest. Reform was being called for. Some were saying government needed an overhaul. Armed mobs stormed the towns. Politicians were arguing, lines had been drawn in the sand, and tempers flared. Some deals were finally… Continue reading It’s a Political Battle, Still Waging

A Sober Remembrance, A Prophetic Warning

There are some locations whose names just carry a depth of meaning. The Garden of Eden ... where it all began and where we lost paradise. Pompeii ... where nature’s swift and lethal destruction was shown without regard for humanity. Gettysburg ... where the Civil War saw its worst in her bloodiest battle but also… Continue reading A Sober Remembrance, A Prophetic Warning

Appomattox – Where Grace Was Real

April 9th - a very important day. On April 9th, three years ago, Stephen Douglas Wilson wrote an insightful article on the 150th anniversary of the eventful day at Appomattox where Gen. Lee surrendered to Sen. Grant. It was a a day that set a tone for healing the wounds of division caused by years… Continue reading Appomattox – Where Grace Was Real