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The Raid on Trump’s Residence

Don’t write this article off yet. I am not going to get political, well not very political. This is not about the justification or the politicization or the ramifications of the raid. This is about the concept that the one event can be seen from so many angles and twisted to the truth that each person’s point of view desires.

  • Some say it will keep Trump out of the 2024 election … others say it will be the catalyst that makes him decide to run get into the election.
  • Some say it was politically motivated, thus unwarranted … some say it was the true result of judicial investigation, thus warranted.
  • Some reporters are delighted … some reporters are appalled.
  • It is about Jan 6 … it is about illegally stored security documents … it is about hatred for Trump … it is about justice … it is about abuse of power (DOJ or Trump, doesn’t matter) … and so on and so on

Today, it is so hard to really know what to believe in what you hear … no matter from whom the message originates. 

Truth. How does one know? In this case, I just don’t know what to believe.

Absolute truth is so hard to know today. And to be blunt – I can honestly say I truly only know one absolute truth. And that is the truth of the Word – the written Word (The Bible) and the Living Word (Jesus).  As one scholar put it …

The culture doesn’t dictate truth, the Gospel dictates truth

Vodie Baucham

And based on this – we need to get to know the real truth more. Rightly dividing it. Bringing every thought captive to it. Building our lives on it.

I ask one question today – are you spending more time getting to know the Truth or are you spending more time twisting what you hear to what you want to be truth – relative to you and your way of thinking?  I pray it’s the former.

What if LIFE was decided by polls?

This week, our current President’s poll numbers have taken a nose dive. This is not about the President, or whether you like him or not. With approval rates dropping below 40%, ouch. Yet our President said he doesn’t believe in poles. Yeah, right. So polls count, except when they don’t.

Let me share some great and weird and scary poll numbers … 

  • In NCAA Men’s Basketball, the Baptist (Baylor) and the Methodist (Duke) top the polls (good news for bears and devils)
  • 75% of Americans believe in the paranormal (41% on ESP, 46% in ghosts)
  • Mississippi has highest rate of church goers (63%) and Vermont has the least (23%)
  • 2% of people believe in a flat earth (do they believe in cruises or is that dangerous?)
  • There are 5 areas of well-being (purpose, social support, manageable finances, strong community, and good physical health.) Only 7.5% of Millennials thrive in all five
  • Over half of Democratic registered voters favor house arrest for the unvaccinated … almost a third say parents should lose custody of children if they are unvaccinated
  • 7% believe the moon landing was a hoax
  • 9% believe our government adds chemicals to the water for sinister reasons
Don’t always believe the polls!
  • 48% of Democratic registered voters think those who publicly question existing vaccines on social media should be fined or imprisoned … 45% favor interments
  • 67% of Americans think our country is headed in the wrong direction
  • 37% of Americans believe global warming is hoax
  • 40% of Americans believe we are in the end times (13% thought Obama was the AntiChrist)

What if you actually took polls before we made decisions … and lived by the results? Would you want your family to vote on who you should marry? Do you want the country to vote on how we can worship? Do you want society to say where you can work, what you should believe, and be completely controlling?

I get we should respect others, and we should protect rights, and we always to realize respecting different beliefs – yet I also understand cultural norms change according to the, well, the culture. *(think about marriage, slavery, American independence, UFOs and how these have changed )

However, the majority is not always right. Sometimes the majority is wrong.

In Numbers 14 … 10 out 12 spies told the nation they couldn’t take the land, the enemy was too great, and they were on the wrong path. But the 2 believed in God, His promises, and the path before them into the Promised Land. The country followed the poll and believed that the hardship was too great.

Truth is truth. And God’s Word is ABSOLUTE. Not up for a vote. It’s not decided by a poll. And it doesn’t change according to what I think. It’s truth, absolute truth. It doesn’t give every answer to every question (like who should you marry or even if you should marry?) But it does talk about marriage. So where it is clear – we stand firm. Where it is grey – we ask for wisdom.

For now, I may occasionally read the polls, but my life stands on the Word. I don’t believe in a flat earth … I believe we landed on the moon … and I also believe in one’s right to refuse an undocumented and new vaccine without being thrown into the Big House. But the only thing I base my life on – the Word of God, His promises, Him.

What about you? What do you believe is Truth? 57% of people believe you’ll ignore this blog by tomorrow. (I made that one up)

Sites I got these polls … herehere … and here

All the cartoons were from a Google search

As a Seeker, May We Not Settle for Lies

I was a seeker, for light in a dark world. I looked for truth, but settled for lies … such are the opening words from a Gold City’s dramatic tune.

I can remember as a child my mother hiding our Christmas gifts. Tops of closets, in the blanket chests, trunks of cars. For if she put them under the tree early, we would have surely shook, toggled, weighed, and tried to guess what wonder was within.

One year she put a lot of them under the tree early. But instead of putting our names on each box, she put codes on the gifts. So as we explored the gift options before the official day, we had to try to guess which was ours. The only problem was that on Christmas Day, she lost her sheet that told which gift belong to whom. So we randomly opened gifts one at a time. I still remember the trauma of opening my sister’s gifts … I looked for truth, but settled for lies.

In so many ways, this search could describe so many of us. We seek something. We are trying find meaning, purpose, anything that makes sense of all of … life. And on our journey, we get distracted and we settle for less then the fullness of truth. We find something that makes us feel good, so we stop looking.

And way too often, we leave God out of the equation and try to stay in control of it all.

The next line of the song says … I had been blinded, I couldn’t see. ‘Till the star in Bethlehem’s sky, opened my eyes.

The Magi were seekers of truth. Looking to the stars, wise men of old, and wisdom of many. But it was the star in the sky that led them to the real truth. And they didn’t let up until they found him. Yes, I said him … for the truth they sought has a name.

We can be like the Magi, or we can be like Herod. They recognized the greatness of the event, but Herod thought he could control the outcome, control destiny, and squash the truth. His lie caused the slaughter of so many young baby boys. He had been blinded, and the there was eternal repercussions.

I love Christmas. The lights, the music, the food, the decorations … the gifts. But if that is all I get out of Christmas, I am settling for lies. There is nothing wrong with these things, they just aren’t the real reason of a Christmas. And I don’t want to settle. I want the truth, the whole truth, the fullness of all He has for each one of us. And He brings purpose, a reason to live.

When the star in Bethlehem’s sky, opened my eyes. I have seen the Light, shining in the darkness. Bursting through the shadows, delivering the dawn. I have seen Light, His holy name is Jesus. His kingdom is forever. He reigns on heaven’s throne.

That my friend is the Christmas I seek to experience. The truth’s name is Jesus. May you find Him too.

Merry Christmas.

Thor’s Great-Great-Grandparent was a Cow

No, this is not a gender slam. It is not being sexist. It is literal, or at least mythologically literal. So read on to see what I mean.

Thor’s dad was Odin. Thanks to the Marvel Universe movies, most know this. But do you know Odin’s parent and grandparent? His dad was Bor. Bor was the offspring of Buri, Thor’s great-grandad?

Now, here’s the unique legend. Buri was the father of the first of the gods. But Buri was created by the tongue of the cow Audhumla. She formed Buri by licking the salt and frost covered stones that were revealed when the frost of the North melted. It took three days of licking.

You thought your family tree was filled with unusual limbs.

There was a time that Thor’s hammer was lost to the frost giants. They said they would return it if Freya wed their king. She refused but Loki persuaded Thor to dress as Freya and deceive the frost giant king. At the a great feast, when the veil was lifted for a kiss, the deception was almost lost. But in the end, Thor grabbed the hammer, slayed the king and other giants, and returned to Asgard.

Deception is used many times in warfare. Even in the Bible there are times of deception in warfare (Rahab, Ehud, etc.). But we must be very careful in giving approval to deception. Way too often we use deception in our lives … we pretend on social media, we live beyond our means, and we put on ‘masks’ so people don’t see the real us – full of flaws, scars, baggage. We try to hide our family. I mean, who wants to be known as having a cow in their family tree? But God sees the real us and still loves us. He sees past the mess, masks, and mendaciousness (lies). And He loves us. He knows the wacky family tree. And He loves us.

His desire is for us to walk in truth. So let’s take that to heart.

Today … walk in the Truth, live according to His ways, and find a community that knows the real you and continues to love you.

I am so thankful for my family. Dysfunctional? In some ways, yes. My family? Yes. And I love ’em.