The Raid on Trump’s Residence

Don’t write this article off yet. I am not going to get political, well not very political. This is not about the justification or the politicization or the ramifications of the raid. This is about the concept that the one event can be seen from so many angles and twisted to the truth that each person’s point of view desires.

  • Some say it will keep Trump out of the 2024 election … others say it will be the catalyst that makes him decide to run get into the election.
  • Some say it was politically motivated, thus unwarranted … some say it was the true result of judicial investigation, thus warranted.
  • Some reporters are delighted … some reporters are appalled.
  • It is about Jan 6 … it is about illegally stored security documents … it is about hatred for Trump … it is about justice … it is about abuse of power (DOJ or Trump, doesn’t matter) … and so on and so on

Today, it is so hard to really know what to believe in what you hear … no matter from whom the message originates. 

Truth. How does one know? In this case, I just don’t know what to believe.

Absolute truth is so hard to know today. And to be blunt – I can honestly say I truly only know one absolute truth. And that is the truth of the Word – the written Word (The Bible) and the Living Word (Jesus).  As one scholar put it …

The culture doesn’t dictate truth, the Gospel dictates truth

Vodie Baucham

And based on this – we need to get to know the real truth more. Rightly dividing it. Bringing every thought captive to it. Building our lives on it.

I ask one question today – are you spending more time getting to know the Truth or are you spending more time twisting what you hear to what you want to be truth – relative to you and your way of thinking?  I pray it’s the former.





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