Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee … or Sam Winchester?

A single white male in his 50s ... not what you expect as the lead in an all action cop show. But this is no ordinary man. This is Chuck Norris. I mean, guns carry Chuck Norris for protection. I mean, Chuck Norris ... When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks under… Continue reading Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee … or Sam Winchester?

Jennifer Lawrence makes a Cameo

Spoiler Alert ... this article will not reveal any new buzz on JLaw. Not one 'never before seen' photos. Just a curious observation and my normal twisted insight. I am a TV binger. My wife will tolerate it a bit but normally heads to her fortress of solitude to write the under-appreciated wonderful work of… Continue reading Jennifer Lawrence makes a Cameo

It All Started With a Big Bang

The show has come to an end. It introduced characters and quotes that are now part of cultural legacy. Bazinga and Soft Kitty are regulars around my house. Calvin did a personal episode of Fun with Flags for a job application video interview submission. And who can forget the new game ... Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock ... Scissors… Continue reading It All Started With a Big Bang