Jennifer Lawrence makes a Cameo

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Spoiler Alert … this article will not reveal any new buzz on JLaw. Not one ‘never before seen’ photos. Just a curious observation and my normal twisted insight.

I am a TV binger. My wife will tolerate it a bit but normally heads to her fortress of solitude to write the under-appreciated wonderful work of literary expertise. (You should follow her, check it out.). This month, I have gone back in the TV archives and am half way through Monk, that creatively written work about a detective dealing with so many disorders that dissertations could be written about him.

Yesterday, I noticed something I haven’t noticed before. In season 5, episode 3 … Mr. Monk and the Big Game … a huge Hollywood moment takes place. Before X-Men, preceding the mega hit trilogy Hunger Games, in her very first credit on IMDB, Jennifer Lawrence has appears and has a line. You don’t really see her much, she is hidden inside a cougar mascot outfit. For a second or two, she removes her outfits headpiece and interacts with Traylor Howard (Natalie). And jut like that, TV history is made.

There are times in our lives where people cross our path and we don’t even notice. Maybe they seem hidden. Maybe they are people of recognition or becoming a person of cultural value, but we just don’t know it. What we need to realize is that all people are of value … maybe not to Hollywood or Washington. But they are to God. And so they should be to you as well.

We don’t treat people different because of their worldly value, but we should treat each worthily of being the unique creation of the almighty, all loving, all wise God.

This impacts our view on immigration, preborn life, evangelism, race relations, sanctity of life, and so much more.

Do we help people be the best they can be? Do we encourage others in their journey, even if means we decrease no they increase? Do we value others the way Jesus did?

There may be someone who crosses your path today that will go forward and cure cancer, write great stories, build wonderful machines, or more. Maybe be they will be a mother of a special needs child, a care worker in a 3rd world country, or a bank teller.

I caught the half second appearance of JLaw and was intrigued. But I also should also see each person that crosses my path and see the potential God has for them as well.

Today … look at each person like that. See if it changes your world view. It does mine.







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