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  • Ukraine – How to Respond – With Help & Prayer

    Ukraine – How to Respond – With Help & Prayer

    Being Southern Baptist means the world often misunderstands and even mocks you. But they do many things really well. One is their disaster relief ministry. They are some of the first to respond after tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis. They were responding on 9.11.01 immediately after … helping there in so many ways. They hang around too.…

  • War, Huh, What is Good For?

    War, Huh, What is Good For?

    War. Russia. Ukraine. NATO. China. War planes over Taiwan. Missiles over UAE. Intercontinental ballistic missiles from North Korea. European military buildups. WWIII. We read the headlines like these things are teasers from an upcoming movie. Like they are political shouting matches just to garner support for either your side or the other side … but…