Ukraine – How to Respond – With Help & Prayer

Being Southern Baptist means the world often misunderstands and even mocks you. But they do many things really well. One is their disaster relief ministry. They are some of the first to respond after tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis. They were responding on 9.11.01 immediately after … helping there in so many ways. They hang around too. They are still there in Louisiana after Katrina … helping people rebuild.

Another area they are great is international missions. They care and have people deployed all over the globe.

With Ukraine in crisis … the Baptist are already responding in these two areas. Relief is already started. ALREADY STARTED!

And the mission assets in place help with that too! Below is their press release and their “ways to pray for Ukraine” … you can pray. And if the Lord leads, this is a way to give to really help too.

Give here …

Download the prayer guide here …

Send Relief responds to the Ukraine crisis

By: IMB/Send Relief Staff February 24, 2022

Send Relief, the combined compassion ministry effort of the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board, is currently working with local Baptist partners in Ukraine to respond to the growing humanitarian crisis. This crisis has been created by the escalated tension mounting around the border between Ukraine and Russia and Russia’s invasion.

Send Relief partners are already on the ground providing emergency food relief, shelter, clothing and more to displaced families. As the situation worsens, Send Relief partners are ready to provide further food relief, meet shelter needs and offer transportation to assist those impacted by this escalating crisis.

“With the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, we join all those in Eastern Europe in praying for peace,” IMB President Paul Chitwood said.
“We know that God is sovereign in all situations, and Scripture reminds us that He is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. We keep our focus on Him, asking for His protection of the innocent and trusting that His justice will prevail. Pray with us that Jesus Christ would be glorified through the crisis in Eastern Europe, and that Southern Baptists would remain vigilant in meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who are suffering.”

With the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, we join all those in Eastern Europe in praying for peace

IMB President Paul Chitwood

Reports continue to indicate that as many as 5 million Ukrainians will be displaced in neighboring countries such as Poland and Romania, and a large number of internally displaced people are beginning to form in Western Ukraine. The greatest needs for these displaced families will include finding access to food, water, shelter, clothing, sanitation and hygiene.

Gifts to Send Relief’s Ukraine Crisis Fund are vital to these relief efforts. The best way for Southern Baptists to respond is through prayer and giving.

Send Relief encourages churches and individuals to pray for Ukraine by downloading the Ukraine Prayer Guide:
Pray for:

  • The people of Ukraine. Pray for strength, courage and perseverance as their home is threatened by conflict.
  • Safe passages out of conflict zones for displaced populations.
  • Government officials to lead with wisdom in this tense time.
  • The estimated 4 million displaced people who will be forcibly removed from their homes. Pray that in the face of conflict, they will find psychological, emotional and spiritual healing from this trauma.
  • Soldiers on both sides of this conflict to be safe from harm.
  • Local churches, relief workers and humanitarian aid organizations to care for what could be a massive wave of displaced peoples in Ukraine.
  • Disciples Church in L’viv, Ukraine, and its church plant in Bryukhovychi. Many of the people there are displaced from the East. Pray for peace for these believers as they had hoped this conflict from eight years ago was over and now, they are facing it again.
  • The Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary as it wrestles with how to assist its students in this time of crisis.
  • Ukrainian believers as they seek to be a light in the darkness.
  • Ukrainians who have never heard the gospel to have an opportunity to experience the hope of Jesus

Religious leaders in Ukraine On kneeling together in prayer!

Post Script: pray for Russia and Russians as well. Especially Christians in Russia as they stand for peace in a difficult situation. Pray for wisdom for their leaders. Pray God to open Putin’s eyes. The Russians need God too!





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