Playing It Safe is Weird

Fruit cups. Face masks. Freedoms. They don’t seem to have much in common, but they all came across my path yesterday and reminded me that a life that plays it safe is kind of weird. Playing it safe is like sleeping through life, you miss way too much. From Joe Verses The Volcano Fruit cups.... Continue Reading →

Our Pastor is Weird

Some pastors are super cool - play the drums, wear the latest trends, drive a sleek car. Some pastors are physically conditioned beasts - biceps like guns, bench press a small car, every shirt is form fitted to show the pecs. Some pastors are over the top handsome - GQ material, pearly white teeth that... Continue Reading →

Praying is Kind of Weird

Praying is weird ... have you ever really thought about it. Here we are ... tiny little specs in relation to the whole universe. And if there are multiverses, whoa. We have no real reason to stick out and deserve any attention from the BIG, POWERFUL, AWESOME CREATOR we call LORD. And that’s just our... Continue Reading →

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