Praying is Kind of Weird

Praying is weird … have you ever really thought about it. Here we are … tiny little specs in relation to the whole universe. And if there are multiverses, whoa. We have no real reason to stick out and deserve any attention from the BIG, POWERFUL, AWESOME CREATOR we call LORD.

And that’s just our galaxy!

Praying is kind of weird. I get God is big. But prayers have to be a pain. We whine and fuss and complain and ask for the silliest things. I mean, how many people want to win the lottery or get the girl of their dreams or pass a test at school after not studying. And does God really care who wins between the Cowboys and the “soon to be renamed, yet always will be remembered as” Redskins? Okay, maybe this one does matter. Go Washington, whatever mascot you’re going by this week.

I love the scene from Bruce Almighty when Bruce is answering prayers by email. Just says “yes” to everyone.

This didn’t work out so well

And one more thought on why praying is kind of weird. What do you say? We have troubling talking to each other, difficulty in communicating with our spouse, kids, neighbors, etc. We stumble, mumble, and grumble with our words. And now, the Big Man Himself wants a powwow? What could we possibly say?

So, three reasons. First one on BIG GOD – tiny me. I don’t get it, but He loves us and listens to us. And He is BIG enough to listen to each one of us uniquely. He’s that BIG.

Second, I do think He dislikes trivial prayers. But I also think He knows our hearts and He really just wants that. And when we love Him and know Him and trust Him completely, when he has ur whole hearts, trivial prayers will fade away.

And that leads us to the third one, what do you really say? Let me answer that with a tweetable quote …

Maybe we don’t know what to say to God, because we don’t know what God has already said to us

Stole from somewhere so long ago, I can’t remember who said it first

That line hits me hard every time. So read His Word. Meditate on it. Learn it. Hide it in your heart. Pray the promises. Shout the praises. Cast your burdens on Him. Seek His wisdom.

God’s Word … read it. Today.






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