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  • Wednesday Words of Wisdom

    Wednesday Words of Wisdom

    15 seconds of wisdom… from MuddyShoes Maybe we miss out the ordinary Christian life of joy, peace, and intimacy with God because we focus too much … on the “now” and not the eternal … on the “seen” and not the unseen … on the “me” and not the Him

  • Reframe Your Perspective

    Reframe Your Perspective

    How do you look at your problems, your trials and tribulations? How do you frame the scenario? In a discussion yesterday, I talked about how we see circumstances through our experiences, our emotions, our environment, and our education. These and other parameters help us frame the way we see it. Like a relationship. Experience says…

  • Hayrides, Impeachment, District Court, Sore Throat, and Baby Yoda

    Wednesday was an eventful day, historic even. And each event that happened gave me its own little lesson in life. Let’s start at the end … Hayride. Yes, in freezing cold with 30 kids, parents, and a dog. Being pulled by Farmer John’s tractor, we were pulled around to the neighboring houses as we were…