Hayrides, Impeachment, District Court, Sore Throat, and Baby Yoda

Wednesday was an eventful day, historic even. And each event that happened gave me its own little lesson in life.

Let’s start at the end … Hayride. Yes, in freezing cold with 30 kids, parents, and a dog. Being pulled by Farmer John’s tractor, we were pulled around to the neighboring houses as we were singing carols and bringing joy to young and old alike. Gifts were given o the homes, and smiles filled the faces. Did I mention it was cold. I wasn’t going to go, but the kids were very insistent.

Lesson 1 … sometimes it’s worth being uncomfortable to help bring joy to people’s lives.

Historical … for the third time in our 240 history, a President was impeached. Anger, rancor, yelling, and even that stare down look from Pelosi (which only a mother can give). Washington was all aflutter and politics was seen at some of its most divisive ever. Trump was at a rally and seemed to blow it off with his normal abrasive demeanor. Agree, disagree, or just say ‘present’, its a great time for journalist in DC. And if nothing else it’s full of passion from both sides.

Lesson 2 … historical events may be taking place on a grand scale all around us. But for most of us, we are more focused with daily survival … bills, health, family issues, and trying to make Christmas a time of joy.

District Court. I went to court yesterday to support an acquaintance going through some difficult times. The case was not even brought up for 2-1/2 hours. And then a lot of presumptions were discussed. I don’t know where it will take my friend, but it is quite an emotional and trying time. The hardest part of the wait was I was separated from all my electronic devices. Yes, a bit petty of me, but I could have done some work while waiting. I was going through withdrawals. No texts, no tweets, no news updates, no books to read (for they are on my phone too), no nothing. The best part of the wait was I was separated from my electronic devices. I needed the break. No texts, no tweets, no emails, no tugs on my electronic leash.

Lesson 3 … sometimes we need a break from the hustle and bustle, and God will force it on us if we don’t take it ourselves.

Sore throat. Noooo. It’s Christmas Sunday weekend coming. I can’t be sick for this weekend. This is the Super Bowl weekend for preachers. (Easter is March Madness Final Four Weekend). The biggie. Guests. Music. So much.

Lesson 4 … preachers need to take of themselves too. Stop taking our health and rest for granted.

Finally … Baby Yoda. Disney released the newest episode early because Star Wars fans will be busy at the theaters seeing the newest and final movie in the saga. And yes I plan on going. But I watched the episode and it was the best yet. More of the drama played out, left us on a huge episodial cliffhanger, and we saw more of the marvelous newest character in the Star Wars – Baby Yoda. He has captured the hearts of millions, even non-Star War fans. I am saving my Baby Yoda article for Christmas Day. But for today, here is my lesson …

Lesson 5 … we can never get enough of Baby Yoda.

Don’t pass up gleaning wisdom from any event.

Have a Merry Christmas.





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