Back to the Rat Race?

Back to the rat race. We all have these moments. We get back from vacations, special events, time away, or even just an afternoon off. We return to the normal pace of life. And in that single moment, the joy, the excitement, the upswing of time away is replaced with a downswing of ho-hums and... Continue Reading →

Modern Politics: Food Fight …

The 2020 election is already in full swing. Twenty plus candidates have already thrown their name in the ring for the Democratic Party. In in the past two nights, they debated in two shifts (10 each night). Being in the California timezone, the debates were late here on the east coast. So, I went to... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Agent Carter

She shakes her head in disbelief. She rolls her eyes at my jokes. Sometimes I read her mind (yes, I can do that after 30+ years) and I glean her thinking, "why did I ever say 'I do'?" Does she really get me? But she thinks I'm gorgeous, she wants to kissss me, she wants... Continue Reading →

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