Lessons from Agent Carter

She shakes her head in disbelief. She rolls her eyes at my jokes. Sometimes I read her mind (yes, I can do that after 30+ years) and I glean her thinking, “why did I ever say ‘I do’?” Does she really get me? But she thinks I’m gorgeous, she wants to kissss me, she wants to huuugg me (read in your best Sandra Bullock impression from Miss Congeniality). She tolerates me the best she can and I think we are a pretty great couple.

But there is one area we do not have in common, TV and movie genres. She can only tolerate Stargate and the new Star Trek Discovery only so much. And her romcoms put me into a catatonic state. But there is a series we both enjoy and we’re binging on Hulu right now (yes, I dropped Netflix and went Hulu for a while). We both enjoy Agent Carter. I mean, Marvel universe, secret agents, action, gadgets, etc for me … female lead, fantastic dress/attire for her to imagine wearing, and some forlorn romance thrown in. What’s not to love?

But Agent Carter rarely gets credit for her saving the city, no, saving the world. She is belittled by the male roles (it is the 40s after all and women were too often regulated to secondary and assistant roles in society). But does she get rattled? Does she demand the attention and praise? No.

In a recent episode, her colleague was praised by their superiors for something she did. A friend was going to speak up for her, but she stopped him. He wanted her to get the praise she deserved. And while very noble and considerate, she said it was not needed. She was okay with herself with a job well done. She did not need to be praised, she found satisfaction in just doing her best and knowing she did her best.

That philosophy is easier desired than practiced. But even better then self satisfaction, for that often depends on our own fickleness and frailty, is knowing we are doing our best for Him, our Lord. (Colossians 3.23) We are to keep that in mind in everything we do … everything we do. So play sports your best, but for Him (think Tebow), do your work the best for Him (think S Truett Cathy and Chick-fil-A), do your best in school, work, and home. But do it for Him.

Here are a few encouraging ways to glorify God at work … (from an article seen here)

– be just and honest with all people

– depends on God for sufficiency

– grow in your skills, strive for excellence

– exemplify love and humility

– encourage others in their roles

– speak words of grace

Can you think of others? Share with us.

And pray for Lisa, she has to put up with me all the time. And she does a great job at it.

Also note, serendipitously, my wife wrote a similar article on tastes … and she talked about our differences. I did not remember this until after this entry was composed. You might enjoy it, click here to read





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