Is it Better Not to Know?

Avengers Infinity War
– SPOILER ALERT – – Though little details will be revealed, some will. So if you are the type who wants to go in totally unaware of what is happening – read no further.

This weekend, Calvin, Lisa & I were part of history – albeit a very minute part. Maybe you were too. We went to see the newest Avenger movie and our attendance helped the movie to break all records of opening weekend ticket sales. We also went to the newest theater in Little Elm – and every screen they had was showing the same movie – staggered at 30 minute intervals. Great movie – humor, action, almost every Marvel Universe heroes and heroines. There was shockers and sadness, laughter and tears. But in the end, I was caught off guard a bit.


Now I am a pretty well informed movie geek, but somehow I did not know that this was a two parter and the final instillation is next Summer. NEXT SUMMER!!!! NOOOOOOO. You see, I have turned into a binge watcher for TV shows. No more week by week, but I want to sit down for one or two weekends and binge an entire season. Jack Bauer is so much better when watched in 24 hours straight. But I was caught off guard in Avengers. It should have been obvious – I mean Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, and so on, have taken this path with their final episodes divided into two movies.

The cliff hanger in Avengers is masterful. Some Superheroes died (I should’ve known this as well, for Calvin said earlier he didn’t care who dies as long as it wasn’t Scarlett Johansson), Earth is left in mayhem and chaos, and all hope seems lost. Now, I have purposefully stayed away from the comic book thread – and I always assume the good guys win. So near the end of the movie, I kept thinking that they better wrap this up quickly. And then – wham: the credits were rolling.

I will wait ‘till Summer – I mean, I have to. (maybe I will read the comics).

But I started thinking – was it better that I did not know? Or do I think would have appreciated it more if I did? I am not really sure.

But let me get to the spiritual challenge now. What about this life? There are so many that are going through life totally unprepared for the next stage – life in eternity. They think this is it – only one part to life. People are living, enjoying (or not) the twists and turns, the tears and laughs, the ups and downs of life here on earth But here is the hard part. There will come a point and WHAM – your credits begin to roll. At that point, it is too late to get ready for the next stage of your journey.

Time and space don’t allow me to dig too deep here – so I encourage you to spend some time thinking about whether you’re living this life realizing it is only the beginning or are you living with eternity in mind?  In the words of the theologian Maximus of Gladiator, “Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity.” Want to know more about this next life? I would love to share. Just send me a message and I would love to open a dialogue.

So, SPOILER ALERT – – this life is just part one of our journey. Do not go through it thinking this is all there is. Eternity hangs in the balance. And for that, it is definitely better to know.







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