Google Got This Right, Thank You

Those who know me know that I am an Apple user – and have been for awhile. The last non-iPhone I had was the LG Ally – I did not think I would ever want to give up the physical touch of the qwerty keyboard. But I did. And I never looked back. But I also use a lot of Google software. I use the maps, gmail, chrome, google plus, and more. Google search is the top search algorithm site out there – about 40,000 searches per second – PER SECOND!!! That’s 3.5 BILLION per day – over a trillion each year. WOW.

They have some great products as well – smart home devices and more. The Google Home speaker, mini, and more is finding itself in houses all across the nation. In a recent update, they made some great strides. One interesting update is the arrival of a politeness feature. You get credit – and compliments – when you use the word “please.” The idea is to help kids (and us pushy adults) to not be so bossy when asking for things. Previously, one could pretty much  be demanding and ask for information, actions, and more – and you didn’t have to be polite at all. We were enabling the entitlement of younger generations.

You get credit – and compliments – when you use the word “please”

So, are manners that important? What are some benefits to proper etiquette?
– being nice to others prompts better behaviorbeing kind to
– customers increases sales and client relations
– romantic relationships are stronger when respect os given
– driving politely decreases accidents
– regular use of manners can help build confidence  (Go here for more on this list)

All this is just a fun insight to something Google is doing that we should have been doing all along – raising the next generation with manners, to treat others with respect. It is sad we have to program our gadgets to do this, but I am glad we can.

One last note – I truly believe when it comes to learning – more is caught than taught. So instead of relying on Google, or Apple – let us live a life with our Ps and Qs (please and thank you). Let us have a life that demonstrates our manners to those around us.

So, Thanks for reading — and please return tomorrow.  Pretty Please!  Who knows what might learn together.

EXTRA:  Go here to see more innovations in the Google world.







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