The Highest Form of Flattery

What does Burberry and Mini-Me have in common?

Just recently, a few things took place that made me think if imitations. First, is last month’s passing of Verne Troyer. Troyer had an active Hollywood career but one of his most iconic roles was Mini-Me, the clone, or imitation, of the character Austin Powers in two of the Austin Powers’ series. His character was so loved that in a early version of one of the movies, his character died. His death was so poorly received by the test audience that the movie producers went back in and reshot some scenes to keep Mini-Me alive. Just his name – Mini-Me – has become a cultural phenomenon. It represents imitation at its very core.  Link for Picture Above  …  See article here

The second story is the lawsuit by Burberry against Target for trademark infringement. Target has put out a line of eyeglasses, water bottles, luggage, scarves, and more that has a checkered pattern that is a very – I mean very – close reproduction of the BURBERRY CHECK trademark. They are very close – but not in quality or price ($430.00 vs 12.99, wowza!).  See article here

The third is a bit more personal. Lisa and I went to her mother’s resting place today (Mother’s Day) and it is remarkable when I see some of her mother’s qualities in my wife – compassion, professionalism, tenderness, family focus, and more. I quite often thank Carolyn for passing on these positive and impactful qualities to her first born.

Now – imitation can be negative. Such as the Target and Burberry case. It produces deficient and inferior quality imitations. In Christianity – this danger is real. So many offshoots and religious groups have taken some of Christianity, imitated portions of the teachings, but they changed and removed portions they did not like. These counterfeit religions are not just bad imitations, they are dangerous. Anything that compromises or changes the truths from the Word dishonors the Lord and misleads people. – Stick to the Truths of His Word.

But imitation can be positive as well, such as Lisa and her mother.  But there is an even bigger picture. We are being conformed to the image of Christ. We are to be imitators of Christ. Paul said, “Imitate me while I imitate Christ.” Again – wowza! But that is scary too. If people are imitating us, what kind of example are we setting? Can we say, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ”? Or maybe put it this way – “Are we a Mini-Me of Jesus?”

This week – and every week – Let others see Jesus in you!







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