A Goth Scientist Leaves a Mark

She was different. She was a bit Goth, okay maybe a more than just a bit. She had a casket in her apartment where guests would sleep. She wore black and leather studded accessories. She was a regular church goer and bowled with the nuns and played BINGO with the senior adults. The character was written with the actress specifically in mind – for the actress and the character are the same – they both have degrees in Forensics. The actress has a degree in Forensics and a Masters in Criminology. She drinks lots of Caf-Pow (which was originally filled with Hawaiian Punch, but later changed to cranberry juice to eliminate sugar intake). She is a natural blonde but dyed her hair for the role. A native from New Orleans, her ‘let the good times roll’ personality is clearly evident.

For the NCIS fans out there, I am talking of Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto – known in real life as Pauley Perrette. Yes there is a lot more about her, just Google away. But with her character’s dramatic departure from the long running show, Abby has left quite an impact on viewers.

The character was integrated into the show so that they could prove that TV characters that are Goth or edgy personalities do not have to be only on the fringe or have weird roles – they are intelligent and driven. They can pursue any career they choose. Even today, there are young women who have followed in Abby’s footsteps and pursued fields in science and Criminology – specifically because of the character ‘Abby’. Perrette has set up scholarships at two universities to help young women attend college to pursue such fields.

LESSON ONE – Don’t judge a book by its cover

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

LESSON TWO – It okay to be different

Abby had a passion for the homeless and downcast and disadvantaged. She was driven to find answers to questions and mysteries. She was so strong yet vulnerable. And even in the final episodes, she shows compassion and concern for the mugger (who actually turned out to be a hired killer), pleading to let her help him. And when she had he chance to kill the one who hired the killer, the one who wanted her dead, her science and intelligence showed she was the smarter person, and her character showed she was the better person – she would not stoop to the level of the scum she put behind bars.

LESSON THREE – Be a person that lifts people up and don’t stoop to their level

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

LESSON FOUR – You don’t have to check your Faith at the door where you work

Yes, she left an impact on many. She was light and cheerfulness in a crime drama series that dealt with serious crimes. She showed you don’t have to check your Christianity at the door. And she showed its okay to be different. I think we can learn a lot from Abby. She left her mark in the TV world as well as mine.

What kind of mark are you leaving on those around you? Make it a positive one.

AND – Laissez les bons temps rouler







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