Trust – A Choice & A Prayer

It is the start of a new week – and it is going to be full of exciting opportunities and challenging struggles. Now I don’t know of which you will be facing more, but I do know you will not be facing them alone. Oh, it may seem like you’re alone, but you are not – God is with you every step of the way – even when those steps seem more like stumbling. The big issue is trust – do you trust Him?

The big issue is trust – do you trust Him?

Last week I posted a tweet asking if it was okay to cry out to God to put me in … sitting the bench too long. This was more a rhetorical question, and kind of like one of the Psalms where the writers were calling out, not out of lack of faith, but just frustration and desire. I do trust my Lord, and I know His timing is perfect. It is not about the circumstances, but about the God who is above it all.

Now, let’s flip this to you. What are you going through this week? It is easy to trust in the sunny days, but trust in the stormy times is where our faith is tried. So what can I say to encourage you?

What do we do when we have a burden, a struggle, an issue that weighs on our inner most being?  Let me share an adaptation of a three part prayer that James MacDonald explored in his book, 10 Choices.

Before the Prayer — Physically get on your knees, or go your closet – show your dependence both visibly and physically. As His child, He hears us.

PRAY, part 1Share your need. He already knows it, but we need to verbalize why we are turning to Him. Like the disciples in the boat while facing the storm, they woke the Lord and cried, “Save us.” We are telling Him we know He can, we know He is able, we need Him.

PRAY, part 2Express your limitations, your brokenness and the inability to handle it (the temptation, the crisis, the storm, the opportunity, whatever) on your own.

PRAY, part 3Lay out each burden. Describe each person, problem, or possibility that is creating anxiety. Picture each circumstance being laid at the feet of Jesus. As long as you think you can handle the storm, He will still be asleep.

And I would add a fourth part.

PRAY, part 4Say Thank You. We can come boldly knowing He hears us (Hebrews 4.16) and He shows mercy and grace in our time of need. He may not always answer in the way we think is best, but He hears and He cares – and His answer is what is best – and in that, we can trust Him.

So, this week, no matter what you are going through, trust Him. Take everything to the Lord in prayer – and trust Him!  He is faithful.






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