It’s the wonderful list that appears the 10th of every month. Since June’s is on a Sunday, I thought I would list the Top 10 Worship Memories I have had. This was easy and it was hard – when your life is centered on church vocational positions, there are so many from which to choose. So, I tried to be specific while realizing there might be other ones that could’ve or should’ve made he list.

Top 10 Worship Memories

Here we go, in no specific order …

  • Promise Keeper’s @ RFK … thousands of men praising God & E.V. Hill with a challenge from the Word
  • Texas Baptist’s Evangelism Conference … with Stephen Olford as the keynote speaker – best quote on prayer that set my prayer life in a new direction – “Pray when you feel like it, pray when you don’t feel like it, pray till you feel like it”
  • First Church of God, Oak Cliff … A revival service that turned into humbling, open confessional service – quite moving
  • Grace Temple Baptist … My Father’s last service, I never experienced him more anointed
  • Friendship Baptist … Overcomer Sunday – moving, humbling, and so much more
  • James Robison Crusade … My rededication (cant remember anything he said, but I do remember God saying He loves me
  • Passion … White Flag year – the hand, international version of How Great is Our God, and so much more
  • First Suffolk … Experiencing God Weekend – bridging generations, people serving, and so much more
  • GateWay … Missions weekend – Music, Message, and More
  • The Next One … Always excited about worshiping God every weekend

Honorable mentions …
My last weekend at Friendship
Easter Week at Friendship where Darci sang Forever & Calvin recorded the poem
Passion … candlelight & spotlight
Promise Keepers … Stand in the Gap
Promise Keepers with Calvin in RDU
Countless moments on the trails

What about you?  Share them!






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