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Top Ten (kind of)

Top Ten … well, at least a list of ten.

He has been considered one of the most preached preachers of the 20th century (more pastors ‘borrowed’ his sermons for their sermons.). He did a cassette tape ministry mailed out every week to thousands all over the country … a kind of podcast done long before the internet or web broadcast were even around. He has hundreds of Adrianisms – short, wise sayings that probably have impacted people all over the world … maybe even quoted more than Confucius (at least in Baptist circles). Today, I am sharing from a quote website that listed some of his top quotes. You may have your own favorite, or you may have never heard of him … either way, I hope you enjoy these and maybe even pick up some of his works to glean from for your journey.

Enjoy …

– Men throw broken things away, but God never uses anything until he first breaks it.

– Two words that will change your life…. Yes Lord!

– Have you ever wondered what a church full of Pharisees would be like? 1. They would all attend every service 2. They would all tithe 3. They would all work in the church 4. They would all go to hell

– Discipline says, ‘I need to.’ Duty says, ‘I ought to.’ Devotion says, ‘I want to.’

– “Pray and doubt; you’ll do without. Pray and believe; you will receive.”

– “I may be a nut, but I’m fastened to a good bolt, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

– “God does not change us in order to love us. He loves us in order to change us.”

– “If you have a Bible that’s falling apart, you’ll have a life that’s not.”

– “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.”

– “God prefers fruits of the spirit over religious nuts.” ~ Adrian Rogers

These are only ten of his many. But on the 10th of the month, I wanted to share ten with you.

Be blessed



It is Top Ten Day

Yeah, Yeah – another insert and delay to Renew Your Mind. But it is the 10th – so it’s Top Ten Day – which I’ve missed the past couple of months. In honor of Walter, I am doing top ten Christian songs. I know many have their own favorites and you might not even like some of the ones I choose – but this is my list, so here it goes …

In no specific order …

It Is Well (any version)
A Mighty Fortress (Boswell’s version)
Calvary (Hillsong)
White Flag (Passion)
You Are Holy (Smitty)
Always (Stanfill)
Open Up the Heavens (Vertical)
Holy Holy Holy (GateWay)
Revelation Song (Jobe)
The Wonderful Cross
Take Me Back (Camp)
What, that’s 11? I guess I never learned to count correctly!

Honorable Mentions …
Ever Be, Praise the Lord (Imperials), Forever, Somewhere in the World (Every parent needs to hear this song), How Great is Our God, Touch of the Master’s Hand, You Are My King, When God Ran, Step by Step, Amazing Grace – My Chains Are Gone

What are yours?

It’s Top Ten Day

Yep! It is the 10th of the month – and you know what that means – TOP TEN LIST!!!

Every 10th of the month I challenge you to think of top ten lists in your life. I also share a list from my life (because it’s my blog – that’s why.) And for July, this list will be a light hearted list as I share 10 things I hold dear (possessions, not people.) I was once asked if your house was on fire, and you could save three things (again, not counting the people who would all be safe), what would those three things be. It’s kind of like that list, but longer.

So, here are ten things I hold precious … (yes, read that like Gollum from LOTR) …

– Antique trunk that belonged to Minnie Key … one of two items I have from my maternal grandparents. All the way from Mayberry (Mount Airy) NC.

– Drop wing table … this was made by Roy Estes (paternal grandfather) from wood recovered from church pews.

– Selection of quilts … three of them: one was made by Minnie Key, one by Jettie Estes (paternal grandmother), and one was made by the ladies of the last church Roy Estes (paternal grandfather) pastored up until the month of his death.

– My father’s Bible he preached from and his Doctoral thesis … he loved to study and to preach.

– Framed verses from a page of a 1st Edition King James Bible (I had three whole pages, but I divided and distributed them to my deacon friends at Friendship one Christmas for the 400th anniversary of the KJV.)

– Rocks from my hikes … I selected one rock every time I did a hike on a new trail … yea, I know, leave it like you found it. So sue me.

– My Christmas ornament collection … used to be Looney Tunes, but wisdom moved me to Peanuts/Charlie Brown. Some truly rare ones collected over the years.

– Val … a stuffed white teddy bear. It was given to me by my lovely wife-to-be on Valentine’s Day, the first time she told me she loved me.

– My anniversary ring … matching set with Lisa that quotes Song of Solomon saying, “Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li” in Hebrew (see picture above of the Hebrew). It translates what my heart holds true – “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.”

– and lastly – PegLeg Pete … if you don’t know him, you won’t get it.

Now, all of these will pass away. Not one thing can I take with me when I cross over the Jordan. And I am okay with that. But until then, these items remind me of special people, special moments, special memories – and potential of new memories. For my real treasure I stored up in heaven, where moth nor rust can touch them.

What about you? Are you ready to lose all the things that you hold precious here on earth for the sake of the cross? I’ve heard it said that the only treasure you can take with you are people. So, enjoy the things but remember that is what they are – things.


It’s the wonderful list that appears the 10th of every month. Since June’s is on a Sunday, I thought I would list the Top 10 Worship Memories I have had. This was easy and it was hard – when your life is centered on church vocational positions, there are so many from which to choose. So, I tried to be specific while realizing there might be other ones that could’ve or should’ve made he list.

Top 10 Worship Memories

Here we go, in no specific order …

  • Promise Keeper’s @ RFK … thousands of men praising God & E.V. Hill with a challenge from the Word
  • Texas Baptist’s Evangelism Conference … with Stephen Olford as the keynote speaker – best quote on prayer that set my prayer life in a new direction – “Pray when you feel like it, pray when you don’t feel like it, pray till you feel like it”
  • First Church of God, Oak Cliff … A revival service that turned into humbling, open confessional service – quite moving
  • Grace Temple Baptist … My Father’s last service, I never experienced him more anointed
  • Friendship Baptist … Overcomer Sunday – moving, humbling, and so much more
  • James Robison Crusade … My rededication (cant remember anything he said, but I do remember God saying He loves me
  • Passion … White Flag year – the hand, international version of How Great is Our God, and so much more
  • First Suffolk … Experiencing God Weekend – bridging generations, people serving, and so much more
  • GateWay … Missions weekend – Music, Message, and More
  • The Next One … Always excited about worshiping God every weekend

Honorable mentions …
My last weekend at Friendship
Easter Week at Friendship where Darci sang Forever & Calvin recorded the poem
Passion … candlelight & spotlight
Promise Keepers … Stand in the Gap
Promise Keepers with Calvin in RDU
Countless moments on the trails

What about you?  Share them!

TOP TEN on May 10th

It’s TOP TEN DAY!! I want to pass this challenge on to you. A challenge I was given awhile back – to list the top ten moments in my life – ten moments that impacted my journey and my story. Now this is not easy – there are so many – and I had to break it into categories – like with Lisa, with Calvin, basic events excluding Lisa, firsts, and so on. Then I took the challenge to the next level and started several TOP TEN lists for books that impacted me, conversations in my life, songs, people of influence, objects I have, and so forth.

So, on the tenth of every month I will give a new list – and a new challenge for you to make your own list. And this is my first TOP TEN DAY.

Today’s list … Moments in my life (not including events specifically shared with Lisa or Calvin). The list is in no specific order, though kind of chronological. This was the hardest of the list – so many events and so many that could have easily been on it.

  • Kneeling in front of a chair in my Father’s office at Orcutt Baptist Church. I asked Jesus into my life, asked for forgiveness, and I look to this event as the day I was born again.
  • My First Soccer Goal for North Mecklenburg’s soccer team. This showed me that my brothers weren’t the only ones who did sports. Andy & Jon always beat me in every sport (except chess) but this event helped build confidence.
  • James Robison Crusade in Charlotte NC. Now I don’t remember anything about the event, but I do remember God working in my life and drawing me into a time of re-commitment. One of my youth group and others prayed with me afterwards, and this time of re-dedication was the time I owned the faith for myself.
  • My girl friend’s overdose in high school. Now she is fine but this event changed the way I relate to those in every relationship I have ever had after this event, especially females. My own stupidity led to this event and I thank the Lord she is fine and I grew greatly because of this event.
  • Jose’. I don’t know his last name, or even where he is today. But at a youth camp I helped with, I was used by the Lord in a conversation with Jose’ to his praying to be born again. I had witnessed to others before this, but Jose’ was the first person I prayed with personally to receive Christ. Later I learned he became a leader in the state youth ministry of the Church of God for Texas.
  • Surrendering to the call in a cow field in Richardson TX. On a rainy night, I walked out of my UTD’s Mathematics of Relativity class, roamed around a cow field in the rain and mud, and realized that God wanted me in full-time vocational ministry. The phone call after this to my father is also part of this event.
  • My first sermon. This took place in Garland. It was from Hebrews 10 – and my father was there. I will never forget.
  • Promise Keepers SITG. I went to several, but the Stand In The Gap in 1997 was an event that challenged me for impacting men in the life of the church, challenged me to living with integrity, and challenged me to live as a man in the gap in this world.
  • My introduction into hiking. Whether it was my first real hike at Humpback Rock or my first real challenge at Old Rag – these two hikes epitomize my new and deep passion for this outdoor, life-changing activity. I wish I had started this 40 years ago.
  • Reading my fist publication to my father on his bed during his final days. I was not in Delaware when he had his home-going, but I was for a few days prior to that – and during those few days I was there, I read Scripture, my first published article, and had some great conversations.  I treasure that. It also gave me insight to treasuring every relationship.

Honorable Mentions …
Working with Dr. Rooker on the HCSB translation, my father resigning from Grace Temple and leaving me in Dallas, my week at the US Naval Academy, mission trip to Canada, Passion weekend in Atlanta, defending my thesis, plus a few stupid moments due to me acting idiotically (even bad events will impact our story). Moments with Lisa and/or Calvin are on lists all to themselves.

The Challenge – These moments, these stepping stones, are events God used to create the man I am. You have your own stepping stone events. Maybe you should start (and share) your own top ten lists.

Be Blessed