Top Ten (kind of)

Top Ten ... well, at least a list of ten. He has been considered one of the most preached preachers of the 20th century (more pastors ‘borrowed’ his sermons for their sermons.). He did a cassette tape ministry mailed out every week to thousands all over the country ... a kind of podcast done long... Continue Reading →


It is Top Ten Day Yeah, Yeah - another insert and delay to Renew Your Mind. But it is the 10th - so it’s Top Ten Day - which I’ve missed the past couple of months. In honor of Walter, I am doing top ten Christian songs. I know many have their own favorites and... Continue Reading →

It’s Top Ten Day

Yep! It is the 10th of the month - and you know what that means - TOP TEN LIST!!! Every 10th of the month I challenge you to think of top ten lists in your life. I also share a list from my life (because it’s my blog - that’s why.) And for July, this... Continue Reading →


It’s the wonderful list that appears the 10th of every month. Since June’s is on a Sunday, I thought I would list the Top 10 Worship Memories I have had. This was easy and it was hard - when your life is centered on church vocational positions, there are so many from which to choose.... Continue Reading →

TOP TEN on May 10th

It’s TOP TEN DAY!! I want to pass this challenge on to you. A challenge I was given awhile back - to list the top ten moments in my life - ten moments that impacted my journey and my story. Now this is not easy - there are so many - and I had to... Continue Reading →

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