It’s Top Ten Day

Yep! It is the 10th of the month – and you know what that means – TOP TEN LIST!!!

Every 10th of the month I challenge you to think of top ten lists in your life. I also share a list from my life (because it’s my blog – that’s why.) And for July, this list will be a light hearted list as I share 10 things I hold dear (possessions, not people.) I was once asked if your house was on fire, and you could save three things (again, not counting the people who would all be safe), what would those three things be. It’s kind of like that list, but longer.

So, here are ten things I hold precious … (yes, read that like Gollum from LOTR) …

– Antique trunk that belonged to Minnie Key … one of two items I have from my maternal grandparents. All the way from Mayberry (Mount Airy) NC.

– Drop wing table … this was made by Roy Estes (paternal grandfather) from wood recovered from church pews.

– Selection of quilts … three of them: one was made by Minnie Key, one by Jettie Estes (paternal grandmother), and one was made by the ladies of the last church Roy Estes (paternal grandfather) pastored up until the month of his death.

– My father’s Bible he preached from and his Doctoral thesis … he loved to study and to preach.

– Framed verses from a page of a 1st Edition King James Bible (I had three whole pages, but I divided and distributed them to my deacon friends at Friendship one Christmas for the 400th anniversary of the KJV.)

– Rocks from my hikes … I selected one rock every time I did a hike on a new trail … yea, I know, leave it like you found it. So sue me.

– My Christmas ornament collection … used to be Looney Tunes, but wisdom moved me to Peanuts/Charlie Brown. Some truly rare ones collected over the years.

– Val … a stuffed white teddy bear. It was given to me by my lovely wife-to-be on Valentine’s Day, the first time she told me she loved me.

– My anniversary ring … matching set with Lisa that quotes Song of Solomon saying, “Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li” in Hebrew (see picture above of the Hebrew). It translates what my heart holds true – “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.”

– and lastly – PegLeg Pete … if you don’t know him, you won’t get it.

Now, all of these will pass away. Not one thing can I take with me when I cross over the Jordan. And I am okay with that. But until then, these items remind me of special people, special moments, special memories – and potential of new memories. For my real treasure I stored up in heaven, where moth nor rust can touch them.

What about you? Are you ready to lose all the things that you hold precious here on earth for the sake of the cross? I’ve heard it said that the only treasure you can take with you are people. So, enjoy the things but remember that is what they are – things.







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