Your Story … Is Not Always Sunshine & Butterflies

I was blessed to worship at Prestonwood today – JD Greear let lose from the book of Job. We all struggle and have questions. We all have times of wondering around in a wilderness.  Questions of doubt hit almost every person. We struggle with the existence of evil and pain when we worship an all loving Father. Why would a loving God allow these things in our life and in our world. And we need to realize we are not alone in facing these issues.

Greear was quick to point out – we may never get the answers. Not only is our God all loving and all powerful – He is all wise and His ways are not our ways – nor can our itty bitty mind always grasp His great and awesome mind. So, sometimes we just need to back off and trust Him – just realize He is much bigger than we could ever imagine.

Job cried out with questions to God. And God gave Job an answer … and the answer was not what Job wanted, but it was what Job needed … God said …

  • My power of sovereign
  • My perspective is infinite
  • My purpose is guaranteed
  • My promise is everlasting
  • My presence is pledged

Ponder these. They show us our God (at least our view of God) is way too small – God is BIG, HUGE, GRAND – and then some. We can trust Him.

To me, it was one Greear’s closing remarks that really hit home. In the story of our life, we need to keep the eternal in perspective. Life is not always easy and some chapters (like Job’s story) are very difficult and we may never know why. But we want sunshine and butterflies. We want every episode in our life to be cheery and have a happy ending. Here is the quote …

Not every chapter has to be good
but we know the last chapter puts all things
into glorious perspective.

God is on the throne – He is in control. He is all loving and all powerful … and He is all wise – so trust Him. For His children, it all works out in the end. So again, trust Him.


As I write this, I am watching Harvest America from the comfort of my apartment. I lift a prayer up for tens of thousands present at AT&T Stadium and hundred of thousands watching all across America. This year, Baptist have come along with Greg Laurie and integrated Harvest America in with the SBC Annual Crossover events. Already (before the AT&T event) there have been over 2000 gospel conversations and over 200 commitments for CHRIST – WAHOO!!!!

Pray for those that have made decisions, for churches that will continue to invest and engage in their lives, and pray for the Baptist meeting – that we will bring glory to God in everything.






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