What I Needed to Learn from Star Wars IV – Thanks Biggs

Any Star Wars Geeks out there? You might already know this little bit of Star Wars lore – but I find it worth repeating. It’s all about an actor named Garrick Hagon. Garrick is a London born actor who has appeared in the Dr. Who series, a James Bond film, Batman, Mission Impossible, and for the sake of this post – Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Quite a resume.

And in Star Wars IV, his role is critical. There may not have been a sequel if his role wasn’t in the film. His part – Biggs Darklighter. Ring a bell? Yeah, me neither. And though he seems insignificant, he had a pretty significant role – but most of it ended up on the floor in the editing room. What did make it into the theatrical version was less than two minutes.

Blast it Biggs, where are you?

The snippet that did make it was Biggs as an X-Wing pilot for the Rebellion, Red 3 (though some argue it was Red 2). He was supposed to have Luke’s back when they went up against the Death Star in the climatic battle in space. Luke, under fire from Empire TIE Fighters, cries, “Blast it Biggs, where are you?” They exchanged a few lines over the radio as well. Now Biggs did have Luke’s back – as a matter of fact, Biggs stayed defending Luke’s important bomb run. And Luke made the successful bomb drop – but not before Biggs died making sure Lue was safe.

90 seconds. But that 90 seconds made the difference in the entire Star Wars universe. Biggs died – Luke lived. Biggs is rarely talked about, mostly unknown, and left to the obscurity of rebellion history. But his role is vital. Luke Skywalker is a household name. He is legend. Even my wife thinks Luke’s role in Star Trek is important (Yes, she can’t distinguish between the SW and the ST universes – so sad.)

Sometimes in my life, I feel like Biggs – unknown, forgotten, just a blip on the story of this world. My part of the story seems to be regulated to the floor of the editors floor. You may feel that way too. Why has life seemed to pass you by? What happened to your role in the story?

Let me encourage you – God hasn’t forgotten you. He forgets no one. And He still has something for you to do. I believe that – why? Because you are still here. As long as you’re still here, He has something for you to be doing. Now, you may not know what it is – you may never know (think of Job, he never knew his role in the story – but it was big.)

Our role may be huge (in earthly terms) or it may be an itsy bitsy tiny role. But you see, this story is not about us – it’s about Him and His glory. So whatever role we have, we can trust His wisdom and His sovereignty that our role is important in the Big Story – His story.

Let me encourage you – God hasn’t forgotten you. He forgets no one. And He still has something for you to do.


POST SCRIPT – What about Biggs? Here’s what was left out. Biggs role was Luke’s best friend growing up on Tatooine. He deserted his position as an Empire’s TIE fighter pilot to join the rebellion. He had confided in this before hand with Luke at Toshe Sation. Before the Battle of Yavin (the Death Star scene), Luke ran into Biggs in the X-Wing hanger – Biggs spoke up for Luke – always encouraging him. Biggs’ death for Luke’s survival was another loss of Luke’s past as Luke moved forward to be the Jedi master and hero of the rebellion.

Thank Garrick for the lesson.  Maybe part of our role is to be the friend and encouragement to those God has brought into our life. Maybe, just maybe.







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