WOW worship … are you ready?

I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.

This is the first verse of Psalm 122, an Ascent Psalm. On the journey to worship, this Psalm was often sung as one enters into the house of the Lord. But let’s step back. Let’s think about what it would be like prior to the entry way … some friends, neighbors, coworkers, somebody … they come around and invite you to join them to go to church/worship. And what’s the response? Joy, gladness, a celebration.

What’s your emotions, your feelings, when someone invites you worship with them?

I see three aspects to ourselves from this verse:

1. There is a Celebration … gladness, joy, amazement at what is happening. We are worshipping the one true God. A God who loves us, shows grace to us, and desires our worship – and deserves our worship. It’s a joy not for football, the newest blockbuster, the best Christmas sale at the mall, or release of a new iPhone. It’s a celebration of the Lord.

2. There is an Anticipation … a sense of great expectation to hear from the Lord. I love the great music, praises, synergy, and especially the sharing of God’s life changing Word.

3. There is a Participation … he didn’t go alone. Let US go into the house of the Lord. Someone brought him. Who was the last person you invited?

Celebration … Anticipation … Participation

That’s is something I want to be part of, something I would love to be invited to and invite others as well.






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