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What makes a good blog? What makes a good life?

As I ponder what goes into each blog, I try to learn and grow as to to what makes a good blog – one that people desire to read, one that is both entertaining and educational, and one that is a motivation for change. I truly desire an effective ‘product’ that shares and challenges people to develop their own Biblical word view. I desire a product that is used by the Lord. I want to stay positive and share hope in a world of stories and news that seem to be sapped of hope and light. So I search for insights on making my blog better. ( I also appreciate any insight others want to share with me – I do listen.)

Copyblogger is a digital commerce company, now entitled Rainmaker, that wrote an article about 8 years ago on what makes an effective blogger. Let me share these eight points …

  1. Effective bloggers are prolific. They just keep on writing, more and more. This is hard work for research, reading, planning, editing, and more.
  2. Effective bloggers are concise. Okay, I struggle here. Preachers tend to go on and on, chase rabbit trails (the name of my first blog), and so on. But people desire succinctness and brevity.
  3. Effective bloggers are analytical. They tailor they content to their readers – so they know their audience. The give readers content in a way that readers desire.
  4. Effective bloggers are lifelong learners. Words that describe them are … readers, studious, curious, inquisitive, and more. The best blogs are from what one is learning fresh in their lives.
  5. Effective bloggers are focused and consistent. They choose a topic and stick to it (leadership, marketing, biblical exposition, current events, etc.). Their schedules and release time are consistent. Their content is fresh, but their theme, their approach, and their foundation are consistent.
  6. Effective bloggers plan ahead. They know where they are going and have a plan to get there. Yes, they adapt and learn, but they follow the plan.
  7. Effective bloggers are persistent. This is different than prolific. They are consistent and don’t give up.
  8. Effective bloggers are self-starters. They are great self-managers. And when they have ideas, they act on them.

OKAY. What do we do with this? Me – I evaluate my efforts and strive to better myself and my product.

I truly desire an effective ‘product’ that shares and challenges people to develop their own Biblical word view

You? Look at these characteristics and learn about he way you strive in your walk with the Lord.
Prolific – keep on keeping on … don’t ever stop striving, remain vigilant
Concise – it all boils down to this … Love God & Love others
Focused – keep your eyes on Him, the Author and Finisher of our faith
Lifelong Learners – study to show thyself approved
Focused – Mary choose the ONE THING that was important … spending time with Jesus
Plan Ahead – consider the cost, be like those from Issachar (look it up)
Persistent – again, remain vigilant
Self-Starter – believers don’t wait for the world to set the path, they know the way and are trail blazers for others to follow

Which one is more challenging for you? How will you work on it this week?
—– Let’s be the best, the most effective, we can be for His sake and His glory.

Copyblogger’s Article here






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