Silly Love Songs & Boogie Fever … and 14 Year Olds

So did that title pique your interest? I have read that musical taste is set in the early teenage years. Boys musical culture/taste is set at 14 and girls musical culture/is set at age 13. So I did a quick web search to see if the top songs at my 14th birthday, and at the end of year charts when I was 14.

On my birthday, it was that great hit Boogie Fever by the Sylvars (ended up number 20 for the year end chart.). My body was doing a little dance just typing the title. Thank God that no one is around to see my crazy and embarrassingly frightening moves – the only thing that pops into my mind is what would a drunk Carlton of Fresh Prince dance like (See here for compilation).

The charts at the end of 1976 has these at top of the charts …

1. Silly Love Songs/Wings

2. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart/Elton John

3. Disco Lady/Johnnie Taylor

4. Oh What a Night/The Four Seasons

5. Play That Funky Music/Wild Cherry

Top Christian albums were by Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, and Phil Keaggy. Wow , those names take me back.

The point was that when people are in a grumpy, stumpy, dumpy kind of mood, they often listen to music to take them to a better place – comfort them and take them to a time when they were carefree and easy going. Now age 14 was awkward – girls, puberty, no girls, high school, girls, geeky when geeky wasn’t cool, no girls, and on and on the lists. But I do love the 1976 music playlist. l could grove down the road, singing at the top of lungs, and really feel relaxed.

Point One – – We need to have that place where we can relax. We need the rest, renewal, and just knowing we can unwind – so we can start all over again tomorrow. Music plays such an important role in people’s lives – just look at the Psalms, Revelation, and other places in Scripture. They sang in prison, they sang while traveling, and music will be in heaven. So compile that playlist (look at your 14th year and see if it would make the list). And then, hit play and just let the times of refreshing begin.

Point Two – – parents, pay attention to the music your kid listens to in their teenage and early teenage years. It will be with them for life.

So pump up the volume to that silly love song and sing out loud. Get that Boogie Fever and bust the moves. If people tell you to chill … tell them Todd said it was okay.

Note: on Calvin’s birthdays it was Let Me Love You by Mario. For Lisa, it was This Moment in Time by Engelbert Humperdinck.






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