Yesterday I Got Stoned

Yesterday I got stoned …

Okay, maybe not the way you’re thinking. While working, a wonderful elderly lady gave me a tiny pebble, a stone she carried in her purse. It was a gratitude stone. Barbara, named after Barbie – the doll, said she was grateful for me and my work at the magic chicken house. She wants to express it and said every time I see the stone to remember she was filled with gratitude for me. Pretty special.

Now that stone went into my pocket for the remainder of my shift. It poked me for the next three hours … ouch! But the agitation was nothing when I remember why it was given to me. My work was appreciated. Thank you Barbara.

The pebble was tagged and put in my rock collection (from my hikes) and I will always be appreciative of the kind words and powerful gesture.

So I challenge each of us to find someone today – and say they are appreciated. Show some gratitude. It will make someone’s day better … and yours too.






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