Why We Do the Things We Do

This day in history. July 20th is a very historical one. Bruce Lee died at age 32. Sitting Bull surrendered. Viking I landed on Mars. Valkyrie failed in its assassination plot to kill Hitler. And my favorite … In 1969, Armstrong walked on the moon – 1st time ever for man to walk on the moon.

Now this was an amazing feat. It was the result of years of work and effort. America was determined to beat the Russians to the moon. This set the imagination of generations that followed, inspired American pride, stopped the Russian space program, and will always be remembered.

Now, what does this have to do with you and me – I mean most of us will ever go to the moon. So let me give some thoughts on motivation, why we did it or why we do anything …

  • To beat someone else to the punch. Many of us just do things just so we can say we got to them first. Get the first new phone, have the best technology on the block, post the pic first, break the news on the most recent news/gossip, etc.
  • To be the best at something. What an accomplishment. Imagine the pride and joy of all involved in the program.
  • National pride. It would not have mattered what it was, some just want America to be first.
  • Just for scientific pursuit of knowledge. Maybe some were motivated just to learn about the moon, possible space travel, etc.
  • A step to something greater. Maybe it is about doing something that leads to something even greater. I went to school so that what I learned would be helpful in what came next.

But are these motivations okay? Where is the aspect in Scripture to do all for the glory of God? I think it is okay to be the best we can be, to learn all we can, and to pursue lofty goals and accomplishments. But these always need to be secondary to making sure God gets the glory. For the things of this earth will pass away – but eternity and His glory is forever.

A lot of rambling to get to the simple question – why do you do the things you do?

May our will be to do His work, and may all we do be for His glory.

Whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God
– 1 Cor 10.31






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