Tick Tock … Tick Tock

Time is relative.

2 hours. 120 minutes. 7200 seconds. Sometimes two hours goes quickly and sometimes it seems to drag on forever.

Time is relative. I am not talking Einstein’s theory, though we could. I am talking how time seems to go by differently at times based on what we are doing.

Time is relative …

Yesterday, I had three 2 hour events.

My first two hour event was a two hour sleep time. I got home just after the sun creeps into the sky. I had just left from a night shift and so I slept two hours before I had to arise and make a brief connection with someone. The connection lasted a mere minute. But that two hours seemed to be over rather quickly. It seemed my head hit the pillow and the alarm went off at the same moment. Way too quick.

My second event was an escape to a movie. It’s $5 ticket Tuesday so I went to see Dwayne Johnson’s new flick, Skyscraper. Great CGI and a few edge of your seat moments, but it’s the Rock. So you kind of know the end – bad guys lose, family is saved, Rock’s the hero, fight scenes scattered throughout. But the time went a bit slow. Soooooo many trailers, a dead air moment between trailers and the movie that lasted literally forever, and slow points in the movie that dragged on. This time frame seemed longer than 2 hours.

And lastly, a Webex conference interview. Now I enjoyed this and time didn’t even enter into the equation, except when I felt I got repetitious and said the same thing over and over by giving the same answer more than once (see what I did there – lol). I was meeting new peeps, having a chance to share visions and dreams for a good church in central Virginia, and sharing my heart with some sweet brothers and sisters in Christ. That time didn’t even register – not in that way that my previous sleep time went, but in a way that was refreshing and enjoyable.

Time is relative.

Why did it seem this way? I believe it is when you are doing something you enjoy, you just don’t think about time. And when you spend time with friends, that time is precious. Make the most of it, redeem the time.

I close with a thought that came up during my interview about what I am doing with my time. It has been almost three years since Lisa came to Dallas and I followed thereafter. If I had known it would have been this long, somethings would’ve been different – but that’s water under the bridge. What I have realized, we do not know what tomorrow holds, so live for Him today. Don’t waste this present just in hopes of what may be. Yes prepare, yes plan, yes dream – but not at expense of missing out on what God may have for you here and now.

My time is up … have a blessed day






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