Odds & Ends

For today, I will share some of the Tweets I have enjoyed over the past several weeks. These are not article links, or redirects, but simple Tweets by some of those I follow.


Observed a teenager translating for her mom at the mall while they were checking out. I have much respect for second generation/children of immigrants. They toe the cultural lines and from what I’ve observed, do it with grace.


Millennials see culture as something to influence, rather than an enemy to denounce. Many Millennials truly have a missionary mindset. They are turned off by those who constantly rail against people.


185 years ago today, by vote of the British Parliament, slavery became illegal in Great Britain and all her colonies (1833). William Wilberforce, one of the major proponents of the change, died three days later.


I believe the two greatest qualities of a leader are integrity & humility. Culture tends to make it about ability, yet without integrity & humility, ability will eventually lead to a dead end in leadership. I will take a leader with these two qualities any day! #leadership


Legalistic remorse says, “I broke God’s rules,” while real repentance says, “I broke God’s heart.”


For all the women who have been abused, mistreated, ridiculed, and discounted I am so sorry. It breaks my heart. By God’s grace, for His glory & for your good we are going to chart a better & godlier course in the future. We should! We must!


Four things God says to singles:

1. Singleness is a gift from God.

2. Singleness has advantages.

3. Singleness is hard.

4. Singleness is not permanent.



Midnight here and 101

So hot without the sun

51 steps door to car

Way to hot way to far

That’s when sun was high

This is normal for Dubai

School is out many have fled

Man it’s hot I’ve already said

A hotter place some will go

W/ Jesus he’ll make it not so


And finally from Instagram, a pic from one of my favorite landscape etc photographers, Doug Ash. This was the location of my first hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains years ago …






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