Texas Leads the Nation by 4000% … but in what?

It’s the first of the month and I pondered about being in first place in something.

Dallas, and Texas as a whole, is known for many things … sports teams, brisket, shopping, crazy weather, gun totting cowboys (not the football players), rangers, and more. They are the best in many categories. I once read that more Baptist preachers are married to Texas women than those from any other state. I read the Texas flag is the 3rd most recognized flag in the world. Texas leads the nation in GDP growth, in number of lightning strikes, in wind power, and in 2017, the number of flu cases reported (yippee, I think). These are just some of the many categories.

But this week, I learned about a category where Texas leads the nation … and leads them to the tune of 4000% more. Wow, that’s quite a lead. What is this we lead in, you ask? It is in the number of breakfast burritos eaten annually. That’s a lot of tortillas. Austin and San Antonio used to have a taco war until the I-35 Accord, where they declared March 10 Breakfast Taco Day and called for a taco truce.

I want to be known for caring, sharing, and being daring.

So I asked myself, “Self, what is it that you are known for?” And I answered myself. (Note: I do talk to myself, and write myself, and answer myself). Self – well you are known for having married up the most, she is way out of my league. I used to be known as the leader in keeping Matt Jones busy fixing my cars (but two were Jeeps, and they always lead in repairs). I lead in taking Peg Leg Pete places … he is due back from Mexico this week. And I am told I am first in being my mother’s favorite.

But what I want to be known for is walking with the Lord, showing others His love, and having a heart of grace. I want to be known for caring, sharing, and being daring.

I am in conversation with a church, and I pondered what would I love for that church to be known for … discipleship, compassion, boldness, love, and unity. I want to be part of a healthy church, a growing church, and a church that is never known for being complacent.

So have a breakfast taco, and ponder what you’re known for. May we be known as good and faithful servants of a great and loving Lord.

Be blessed and Be a blessing






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