Background Music … Beyoncé or Kari?

Do you ever pay attention to what is going on in the background? That filler music and media that is taking place as we go though life? That elevator music, the song while on hold, the music at the mall, the TV playing in sports restaurants? The bank has a TV with business news (if you even go into the lobby anymore!). Even shuttles to the airport and some metro buses/trams have TVs.

This week, both my workplaces changed their background playlist. Now the hotel, it has three TVs in the lobby – and the sound is turned off on all three (except when requested to turn up). One has the Weather Channel, one has ESPN, and the third rotates between news and Shark Week. I normally joke with my coworkers for they seem to always have on Naked Survivor (or whatever that show is). But the hotel also plays background music … and when I am alone at night, that soundtrack gets pretty loud.

Back to my point … they changed the playlist. It now has some top 40 from early 2000s. My coworkers will start singing with it like we are some karaoke bar or something. Some of the titles are Fireworks, Breakaway, Because of You, and other titles by Spice Girls, Katy Perry, Bieber, and Beyoncé. Now these are catchy, get in your head-can’t get it out, and have lyrics that might be more suggestive then, say, what your grandmother would want you to listen to.

At my other job, the magic chicken nugget and golden waffle fries establishment, has a new playlist as well. This list is praise songs, worship tunes, mostly instrumental versions of songs by Tomlin, Hillsong, Redman, Casting Crowns, and Kari Jobe. These also are catchy, get into my head, find myself singing along to songs. Yes, I would prefer more Lecrae, Jeremy Camp, or TobyMac … but still great stuff.

That with which we occupy our mind and thoughts will often find its way into our speech and actions

Here’s the question … which is better for you? I remember a Seminary professor say that church songs are good and all, but he loves jamming to the Dobbie Brothers. I mean, who doesn’t love Jesus is Just Alright, Black Water, and What a Fool Believes. (Great, now I’m singing Black Water in my head).

But what type is good, bad, or is it all neutral? I love all types of music, from classical to country (okay, Blue Grass may push my envelope a little much at times). And I find joy in all of this.

Here’s my thoughts … I do not believe there is anything intrinsically wrong with any style of type of music, but I do think we need to take caution in what we allow into our minds. That with which we occupy our mind and thoughts will often find its way into our speech and actions. So to quote another catchy tune … it’s a Danger Zone.

Now, I have no control over what plays, but I do have control over what I will focus on … and for that I go back to Philippians 4.8 and 2 Corinthians 10.5.

What will be your focus?






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