Are You a Real Man?

Are you a real man?

End of the month. End of the week – a week of lists. Today’s list is ten characteristics of a real man.

Before I met her, lisa had her list of the man she wanted (an exercise encouraged by Dawson McAllister). I had to grow a beard to see if I fit that on her check list.

Beard aside, today’s list was put out by Christianity Today. It is not a scientific article, but states a reasoned and logical list of the traits that describe a many of godly character. The article gave very few scriptural references, though I thought of many that fit the list. As you read them, what scriptures do you see to support these traits?

1. A real man always treats people with respect

2. A real man honors his wife and friends

3. A real man never leads women on

4. A real man works hard, but never chase a paycheck

5. A real man never allows hobbies to be more important than marriage or family

6. A real values purity

7. A real man is in control of himself

8. A real man finds his strength in the Lord

9. A real man celebrates the successes of others

10. A real man is just as honest when no one is around as he is when the world is watching

Are there other traits you would’ve included? Which of these hit home, challenged you, or you see in the lives of the men around you? What do you need to work on?

If you look at today’s picture, maybe a real man has to look good in a picture with a sock monkey (our own Peg Leg Pete).

Again, this is not a result of scientific research but does give some solid biblical principles.

So read and enjoy.


Here is the article … here

Please note, picture attached was used without the men’s permission. But a real man would not complain. Thanks.






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