Pop Quiz on VA

Here are some questions on my home state. How many can you answer? Some of the answers are at the bottom, but you have to figure out which answer goes to which question.

What is the state beverage?

What police organization is the oldest police department in the U. S.?

What city in the Commonwealth has the most residents?

What is the Virginia State Slogan?

What is the tallest spot in the state?

How many of Virginia’s thousands of caves are open to tourists?

The largest earthquake experienced by the state of Virginia was an estimated 5.9 magnitude  in 1897 near  what city?

What percentage of Virginia is covered by Forests?

Where was the capital before Richmond? (Trick question, there were two)

How many presidents were born in Virginia?

How many Presidents are buried in Virginia?

Just some of the answers … 65% – Williamsburg – Blacksburg – Mt Rogers – Milk – Va Beach – Virginia Capital Police – 8 – 6

Picture is Mabry Mill, taken by my honey.

As I write this, I am headed to the airport to fly back to the Old Dominion. First flight cancelled, rerouted, and will be hitching a car ride from RIC to Lynchburg – gotta love air travel. Special shout out to the Frazier’s who will taxi us on the short notice.

Have a blessed day.







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