Making the Connections

I write this about 2 miles in the air somewhere headed to Memphis. I was bumped all over this weekend due to the fact that airplanes and bad weather don’t mix. Flight 1 … cancelled. So I flew into another airport and had some friends commute me 2 hours. I want say their names but look in dictionary under ‘real friends’ and their mug shots will be there. Coming home, flight 2 delayed about 4 hours. And since the layover was 3.75 hours, and the gates were literally at opposite ends of the airport, I ran (yes me, well, kinda walked really really fast) and they closed the gate door 60 seconds before I got there.

So, I cheerfully talked it out and American now had me headed to Cincinnati… bumped to head to Memphis. Stay for 5 hours in the airport and fly to DFW before the sun comes up. We had prayed for the flight to make it. Prayed we could get back to Dallas for our responsibilities on Monday. Prayed for it to work out so we could rest after this whirlwind weekend. But no. We did not make it …

Connections made … Connections missed

I met a couple this weekend. Delightful pair with great kids. So, I asked them how they met. It was an intriguing story to which I can’t do justice, but let me share my recollection of the final events that led to couplehood. They had hit and missed a bit. She was not impressed – he was convinced she was the one. It looked like she would win this one.

With time running out and it looked like all hope was lost … on a rainy night … he parked with window down and prayed for God to show him she was the one … or he would let it go. Meanwhile, she was praying for the a sign as well as to her potential partner. Both not knowing what the other was praying.

(Editors note: cue music Lord Give Me a Sign … by DMX)

She walked out and immediately saw him. And basically said … no Lord, please not him. But she yielded to the Lord’s prompting and walked up to the car. She held her umbrella over the window. He looked up and angels began to sing. Okay, maybe a bit dramatic there. They walked, talked, and the rest is history. Prayers answered.

Connections made … connections missed.

Why was it made in one case and missed in the other? Why did these two prayers get opposite answers. I don’t know. But I do know this … a missed flight isn’t that big of deal in the big picture. And even when it doesn’t go our way, we can trust that God is on the throne.

Maybe somebody worse off needed our seats so they gave them away. Maybe somebody in Memphis needs some encouragement from me. Who knows. But in connections made … and in connections missed, I will trust in Him.


As I finish this article, I do it from a prayer/meditation room at Memphis airport. We were kicked out of the gated area so we are in ticketing lobby area. But I realize there are things to remember even when He says no to his children…

He does hear (Hebrews 4.16)

He is near (Matthew 28.20)

He is good (Mark 10.18)

He is faithful (1 Corinthians 1.9)

He is trustworthy (Romans 8.28)

Don’t miss these connections!

So, have a great day and I and Peg Leg will go take some Memphis Airport pics.

Be blessed.






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