Time for An Upgrade

It’s Apple News Day … I’m stoked.

Okay, I have been holding on to my iPhone 6 for a while now. I have upgraded my wife’s and son’s iPhones. Which is unusual for I normally have the most current edition. Why have I held on so long? So today, in whatever time zone I find myself, I will be watching the Twitter feed about the latest and greatest item I feel I must have from Apple. But do I really have to have it?

Now true, my 6 has a battery life shorter then that of a mayfly (the mayfly has shortest lifespan of any animal on earth with only 24 hours … my phone last about a 10th of that). And true, my lightning port is pretty loose. But I like it. Good size. Good screen. Paid for (huge). But I do hate constant charging. So here we go. Come on Apple – Give me something good for a decent price.

There is a passage in Ephesians 4 that talks of taking off the old and putting on the new.

to put off your old self … and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness

Now that’s an upgrade I want. And I hope you want it as well. This is directed to believers that we should constantly be seeking to be living a Christ-like life. That’s what we’ve been called to. But we slip, we get muddy, we lose energy and focus, we get loose in our relationship with God, and we just fall back to old ways. But we need to daily take our cross, daily die to self, and daily put on the new self.

Ronnie Floyd said in a recent interview at Southwestern Seminary that he thinks every Seminary student needs to know the importance of the power of discipline. This is good for all of us. (See the interview here)

So, may we upgrade all the time – casting off the old and putting on the new. And may our lives be examples of true righteousness and holiness to a world that needs to see it.






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