I’m with What’s Her Name

I am the fourth of four kids. When we did something wrong, or I did something wrong (rare but it did happen), my mother would go through the other three names before she got to mine. Then she felt so bad about calling me the wrong name I normally got off. Or maybe it was because I am the favorite, the Beloved One. Go ahead, ask my siblings, they’ll tell you the same, I promise.

Tonight I called Calvin, who wasn’t home yet. He worked late at Prestonwood North and then he went to see a ‘friend’. So I called to let him know I was headed to work, and to encourage him to get ahead on his studies. He said we were on speaker phone, and I asked with whom … who else was listening? He stuttered as if he forgot her name. Not cool. Even she made made notice of his stuttering.

He gets this honestly. I am terrible with names. I’ve switched names in a funeral (not cool) but never in a wedding. But here is worse scenario … For a few months after Lisa and I were married, I slipped up more than once and called her Kim. Now Kim is a delightful young lady whom I dated for over 5 years. And, she later married my room mate. I was even in their wedding. BUT, Kim is not the name of Lisa. Yet, Lisa was and still is very patient with me. I’ve said it before, I married way out of my league.

Fortunately we serve a Lord who knows us. He calls us by name. Isaiah 49 has a powerful visual where He etches our name on the palm of His hands. Our names are ever before Him. We are metaphorically tatted on our Saviors hand. You know what else is on His hands? Scars. The two go together. He knows us because He loves us. You want the proof of His love … look to the cross, see the scars, know the price He paid for you and for me.

My hands would be full if I had to write the names of every person I need to remember. I am just not that good at it. But I do hope every person knows I care for them. I desire God’s best in their lives and that they come to know the One who loves them and the One who will never forget their name – Jesus.

So today, call people by their name, be excited people are in your life, and let them see the love of God in you.

And Calvin – I am not saying get inked with her name … but you better learn it quick.

Till tomorrow – Todd






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