People are Weird

As I go through life, I am more and more convinced that some people are just weird. It is as if they live in their own little world with little regard of things going on around them. I am not talking rude or obnoxious, though that happens. I am not talking of little quarks and idiosyncrasies.

A loud laughing in the theater at times that are not really funny or even serious in nature. – just an outright laughter.

Waving your arms like your a Jedi to open automatic doors. These are Droids you are looking for.

Looking at your arm to see what time it is, realizing you haven’t worn a watch for ten years.

Looking around for your phone while you are holding it and talking to someone on it.

Splashing in a water puddle – as an adult, not a kid. Pretending to be King Kong.

Talking and living like stuffed animals are real (Winnie the Pooh and the hundreds of beanie babies I have)

Walking around with a sock monkey – and asking strangers if they will have their pictures made with Peg Leg.

Wait, these are me. I guess I am the weird one.

Yesterday I mentioned Calvin’s ‘friend’ – what’s her name. She asked Calvin if he had any flaws or shortcomings. He said no, but thought a bit longer and changed his answer. He said he was my son. What? I’m shocked. Actually, I’m not. I said the answer before he said it to me. My weird sense of humor – the playful and creative way I look at the world – the glorious quirkiness. Me. And he is like me. I feel sorry for him.

But it could be much worse. I can think of many I am glad he is not like.

Paul said to imitate him as he imitates Christ. I hope, even in my weird style, that I strive to imitate Christ. So if anything or anyway I live rubs off on someone, it is Christlike.

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, I hope it is always getting back to imitate Christ, not Todd.

Calvin, I am sorry got some of my weirdness. But it is often a great way to see the world. And you will get to inherit Peg Leg one day.

Readers: Whom are you imitating? Who is imitating you? Some pretty serious stuff to think about.

Maybe share something you do that is weird. Let’s be weird together.

Till tomorrow … Todd, the weird one






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