Jesus – The Original Lawn Mower Man

As I typed the title, I immediately remembered the short story and film put together by Stephen King – and that is NOT what I am implying. I am referring to what I discussed yesterday with Lawn Mower Parents – those parents that mow down everything in front of their kids’ path (metaphorically) to make the path easy and without obstructions. While yesterday, the principle was discussed as delayer of helping the kids mature. I realize though there is a way that a Law Mower Leader for salvation is desperately needed.

And I starting contemplating the concept that in certain ways, Jesus does that for us. Let me dig a little deeper …

There are several texts that refer to Jesus as the author of our faith, the Way, the one who has gone before us. But let me focus on just one text – Hebrews 2.10.

For it was fitting that he, for whom and by whom all things exist, in bringing many sons to glory, should make the founder of their salvation perfect through suffering.

Some translations make the word ‘founder’ as author, or even prince. It is the one who goes before to make the way passable. It is kind of like the Corp of Engineers for the Roman Army. They travel ahead of the army, tearing down trees, expanding the roadway, and blazing the trail for the army that would follow. Removing obstacles for wheeled carts, etc. they mow down any obstacles and make the way passable.

Jesus did that for each of us. We are broken, sinners, and fall short of any attempts in being able to make it to heaven on our own. We can not, any any way possible, make it to heaven through our own efforts. Jesus came, paid our penalty, opened the way to peace with God, and is even gone before us to prepare a place in heaven. That is quite a trail He has blazed – a mowing down of any opposition we would have for us to be reconciled with the Father.

This does not mean our journey will be easy or without hardship and difficulties. But it does mean He has laid a path that makes it all the way to the throne. Hebrews 12 calls Him the author, and the finisher of our faith. He started and ended the task of trailblazing our path for reconciliation. And were Hebrews 2 says He made the way ‘perfect’, it might be clearer to say ‘complete’. He did everything necessary, He completed His task.

And for that I am grateful. I would be blocked, unable to pass the obstacles like paying the penalty for my own sin – but He completed the trailblazing and now I am complete in Him.

If you’re trying to make it to heaven own your own – 3 words … Not gonna happen. But there is an answer – 1 Word … Jesus. He made and blazed the trail before us.

So today, if you are already on the trail He has laid, already traveling on the path He laid, take a minute to say thank you. Or, if you are trying to go that path on your own – give it up. You can’t. But by His work, there is a way.

Thank you Jesus for blazing that trail, for mowing down any and all obstacles from keeping me away from being in right relationship with You … may I forever be mindful of what you have done.







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