Broken Locks

Tonight at the hotel, we had a guest room that the door would not lock. You could get in without the key. Even if you flipped the deadbolt, the door handle would just undo the deadbolt and open the door. There was the back up flip latch, but the guest in the room was immediately distraught. Now I am good. I personally walked with them, tried to see if a quick remedy (reprogram the lock or what), and immediately got them assigned to a room just across the hall. I ran, okay walked fast, and got them replacement keys. They are happy, I am ever the efficient professional, and the situation is put to bed – literally (we are a hotel after all).

Wouldn’t it be great if all our anxieties, all our insecurities, all our worries could be put to rest by such a efficient and quick manner as this. Well, they can. The Bible is pretty specific – cast some of your cares on Him. Wait, that’s not it. Cast ALL your cares on Him for He cares for you.

I didn’t know these people. They were polite, nice about the situation, and even were a little concerned they were bothering me too much. I need more guests like that. But I am not really vested in them. Tomorrow, they will leave and I will see them no more. However, God cares for us. Do you get that? The Creator of the world, of all there is, cares for little ole you and me. He is vested in us. He loves us so much, He gave His Son to die for us.

So I don’t doubt He has the ability to care for me. I don’t doubt He is big enough to handle every care and concern. So why do I still have the worries? Why do we hold on to our cares and refuse to cast them on Him? Is it lack of faith? We know He is able, but we wonder if He really cares for little ole me. Maybe we have control issues. To cast them on Him means we give up control. We want to solve our problems. We want to work it all out so we can feel good about ourselves.

On the turbulent sea, the disciples witnessed Jesus speaking to the storm and the storm calmed down. Whoa, intense. I mean we say we know this story, but do we get it. His very words sent Florence back to sea, Harvey would be calmed, and tornadoes just dry up. And guess what the disciples did? The scriptures say they were amazed, they were afraid, and they were terrified! Terrified!

When we cast our cares, we need to be prepared to be awed – and it may be a bit overwhelming.

The Creator of the world, of all there is,

cares for little ole you and me.

So today, as you wrestle with worry and fears – stop. Let Him have them and rest in His loving care. This does not mean stop working on them, it just means stop worrying about them. Do all you can and leave the anxiety on Him. He is definitely big enough to handle them.

Trust in the Lord and the power of His might!

Till tomorrow – this is trusting todd






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