Hanging With Garden Gnomes

First … sorry I missed yesterday. I drove to Newport News to see my mother. She is doing well, worn and weary, but well. Her short term memory is struggling but she remembers I am her favorite and that’s all that matters.

Today I did something I resisted doing most of my life. I worked in the garden near the entry way of my new residence – the church parsonage. Jack Hensley, my old friend and new Appomattox connection, came over and helped me start some on the small patch of … something green. We pulled the top layer, leveled it some, and hard raked it. I even threw one small snake away down the yard (which Lisa has already said was a baby copperhead and has issues.). And another snake slithered into the loose dirt and got lost to my sight. We also had a skunk last week. I’ve told her get ready to be a real country girl.

We’re gonna kill the green stuff – which I do way too often even when I don’t try. We will lay plastic, then cover with rocks. This will eventually spread around the home. Thanks to Dennis Totty for doing so much already.

Now, what make this worth writing about?

First, I think I can brag a bit if I do yard work. It is waaaayyy out of my comfort zone.

Second, I was excited to work with Jack H again. We need to be intentional about asking for help and intentional about getting other people involved in ministry and serving to others. When was the last time you got others involved in something. I could’ve stumbled and scratched my way on my own … and way too often I do … but I need to think outside the box and involve others. You should too.

Third, okay, no third. These two are enough.

So why did I title it garden gnome?

Gnomes have a wild history. One of the oldest folklore myths still around. They were hidden earth dwellers that would aid in the garden, ward off evil, stop theft and prevent fires, and more.

There is a unique event called “gnoming” where someone takes a gnome and leaves a note saying, “I will return, I have gone off into the woods for a while.” The. The gnome would send back pictures of his travels around the world. Kind of sounds like Peg Leg Pete might have a travel buddy. I houses we shouldn’t take life too serious. We should enjoy mystery, fun, and the simple things.

So today, I got my hands dirty, spent time with friends, and got a little sun. What did you do?







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