Can You Have Too Many Books?

For three years, about 95% of my books were in storage. Before that, I had given away almost half my library. So, when I arrived back in Virginia, I was elated to be able to open the boxes, put the books back on the shelves, and begin to organize them. They are like dear old friends that I felt guilty about when I taped the storage boxes shut three years ago. Bibles, Great Works of Written Art, Christian Discipleship, Church Growth, Classics, Commentaries, and my Journals of Sermons.

Now, I did have iBooks, and online library access, so I was able to read. I also bought new books during the interim. My books may have been stored, but my desire for taking in written works did not. So, I am now surrounded by literary productions that were produced to delight the soul and edify the mind.

I realize Ecclesiastes 12 warns that …

Of making of many books, there is no end …

But it does not warn to avoid reading all together. So what do we read? What makes it important enough to invest our time and effort and funds?

FIRST – the Bible. Have you read it through? I like to pick different translations and notice style and differences. But read for personal development, for growth, and getting to know our Lord.

Then, after that, read biographies, devotionals, church growth motivations, leadership, and sermon series by great preachers. Lisa loves Stormie Omartian.

And I also enjoy great works of literature and fun writings as well. My father collected Louis L’Amour – and I am enjoying the Sackett series. I also am reading The Princess Bride.

Now – I just want to encourage you – find a book and just enjoy.

I asked someone recently – name the one book. Besides the Bible, if there was one book, and only one book, you could give to someone to read, what would that book be?

But for now, I will just peruse my shelves, enjoy the sight, and be encouraged by the truths and encouragement the written word continues to be in my life.

An Avid Reader – A trait given to me by my father. Thanks dad.







One response to “Can You Have Too Many Books?”

  1. Bri Avatar

    The “one book” I suggest to everyone is “The Valley of Vision”. There are different books I recommend in different categories, but that one is worth reading no matter what type of books the person prefers :)! Puritan prayers put together as poetry devotions, it’s amazing.


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