You Are Out of Data – What Now?


What happened to Monday? It kind of blew by and was over, and now it is already Tuesday. There just is not enough time to do everything we want to sometimes. Not enough of a lot of things – resources, people, funds, etc.

One of the first texts I received this morning – very early in the morning – was from Verizon Wireless notifying me that my data allotment for the month was almost over. That was a problem – for I still have half a month left. I knew there would be an adjustment when I relocated to Appomattox and did not have the wifi everywhere like Dallas – but it ran out quicker than I expected.

So, Matt Tuck, I invested in your salary some more and upped my plan to unlimited plus – I went the plus for I don’t desire those nasty slow downs during congested hours. So Matt is happy, Lisa is happy (no more overages), Calvin is happy (I do pay his phone bill anyway), and I am happy – because everyone else is.

Thank you Verizon Wireless for reminding me – you may come up short, but our Lord never does.

It didn’t take long. I used the app on the iPad and shopped, compared, clicked, and confirmed. Now I just have to pay for it.

Wouldn’t life be easier if there was an app for every shortage. Not enough time to finish homework? Add a few minutes to this hour. – CLICK. Need a few workers for nursery? Simply scroll through plans and add a worker with a simple thumb scan. Need some extra energy for that Spartan Run? Swipe left. How about money in the bank? Create the income just by turning on your phone. Ahh, Life is Wonderful. But then you have to pay for it.

There is a cost to things. We do not have magic apps that give us everything we THINK we are entitled to or everything we WANT. But we do worship a God that gives us everything we NEED. He knows us and our every need. He created us, so He knows us better than anyone

Remember the movie Space Cowboys? When the satellite was going wonkers, they called the guys who created the hardware. When we have needs, the first place you need to go is not your parents, not your technology, not your friends, not your own ways – first, take it to the Lord. He may use one of those other ways, but we need to remember every good thing we have comes from Him.

So again, thank you Verizon Wireless for reminding me – you may come up short, but our Lord never does.

Till tomorrow.






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