Rocky, Apollo, Creed, and Now Me

No, I am not getting in the ring. No, I am not preparing for a fight. No, the heavy weight class boxing professionals do not have a new target to bloody and bruise. But yes, I am back in the exercise routine of using the heavy bag. The recent move has changed my routine. I got a lot of extra activity with packing, moving boxes up and down flights of stairs, loading, unloading, and arranging the new house. BUT, this church really loves to show that they are happy we are together – and one of the way Baptists show they care is … you guessed it … food. Now I love this, and I love food (way too much) so all the weight lost by that extra activity was overridden by the calories taken in during the past three weeks.

So, this past weekend I went to that garage sale online called Craigslist – Lynchburg. I purchased an Everlast 100 pound heavy bag, reassembled the frame in the basement of the parsonage, and wahlah. (is that how it’s spelled?)

Now the extra stuff – got my gloves, relearned how to wrap, and … oops, need a playlist. I put my exercise expert on it – Calvin, get me a 30 minute music playlist – none of the motivational mumbo jumbo you listen to.

This is a lot of stuff to do. Why do I even bother? I mean, I do hike and hiking is an excellent workout in nature. But you can’t always make the trails. Weather, time, and distractions keep me away from the mountains.

But exercise is important. God gave me time on the planet and I need to be better at taking care of myself. Therefor, the exercise. And yes, that means eating better too. So tomorrow – I will pick up some salad material – feeling like raw spinach leaves, strawberries, and glazed walnuts – add some crumbled cheese. That sounds good right now. (for those who know me, this may seem like I have had a stroke and am out of my mind – just feel good for me.)

Calvin recently signed up for next year’s Spartan Race – since he has a strong motivation from a dear friend who just completed the trifecta in Glen Rose. Not sure if I want that, but at least I am punching something to work out – something that won’t sue me.
What about you? What are you doing to take care of your body?

Today – make the decision to eat, exercise, and take care of what the good Lord gave ya.

AND YES – I intentionally did this on the number one candy day of the year. Halloween 2018.

Talk to you next month.



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